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Accelerating Practice Success: The Power of In-House Dental Membership Plans

The search to provide comprehensive care while ensuring the financial stability of a practice remains a top priority today and every day for an evolving dental practice. One powerful solution that has revolutionized patient care, case acceptance rates, and financial viability for dental practices is the adoption of in-house dental membership plans. In-house dental membership […]

Trust in Practice: Navigating the Speed of Trust in Dental Support Organizations featuring Vyne Dental VP of Customer Success, Tammy Barker

In the fast-paced world of Dental Support Organizations (DSOs), where precision and efficiency are paramount, the currency of success isn’t just measured in skills and expertise—it’s also deeply rooted in trust.  Vyne DentalⓇ VP of Customer Success, Tammy Barker will join Women In DSO®, the leading organization dedicated to advancing and empowering women professionals in […]

Vyne Dental Hosts Inaugural Accelerate Dental Revenue Workshop

Bringing together over a hundred dental billers from around the country, the Accelerate workshop was a big success. Vyne Dental®, a leading provider of dental revenue technologies, claims processing, and electronic health information exchange for all-sized dental practices, hosted over 100 attendees at their first regional workshop, the Accelerate Dental Revenue Workshop in San Antonio, […]

Accelerate Your Year-End Revenue with Mary Hughes

The Dental Industry is a Dynamic One

With constant changes in patient behavior, technology, and business dynamics, staying profitable requires a proactive approach. As 2023 nears its end, it’s time to put the pedal to the metal and maximize your revenue. Using suggestions from high-performance practice leaders, here are three strategies recommended by Mary Hughes, owner of Dental Education Partners, to bolster your dental practice’s bottom line before the ball drops on December 31st:

Comprehensive Treatment for Every New Patient

To elevate the standard of care and simultaneously drive revenue, adopt a comprehensive approach to treating new patients. Instead of focusing on isolated issues, consider a more holistic view of dental health. Collaborate with both dentists and hygienists to draft treatment plans, with attention to priority quadrants. This not only ensures that patients receive thorough care but also that all potential revenue-driving treatments are identified and discussed. 

Optimize Hygiene Exams and Communication

A significant revenue leakage in many practices is an overlooked opportunity during hygiene exams. Ensure that a dentist performs an exam during every patient visit. More than that, it’s vital to establish a clear communication protocol between the dentist, hygienist, and office manager. Train your hygienists to identify potential restorative or elective procedures, and create a seamless hand-off process. Also, it’s shocking how many practices don’t bill for the hygiene services they’re already providing! Statistics on periodontitis prevalence don’t match up with how dental practices are coding, billing, and communicating with patients. Objections and misunderstandings within the team can lead to this gap. Addressing this disconnect can help recapture significant revenue.

Tactical Scheduling and Goal Setting

Cancellations and no-shows can severely impact revenue. One underutilized solution? Side-booking against “unconfirmed” patients. This doesn’t mean disregarding the original patient but slotting another patient just in case. To ensure everyone is on the same page, revamp your confirmation process. Simultaneously, set clear end-of-the-year production and collection goals. Break these down by month, week, and even day. Always schedule over the goal by 10-20% to offset potential cancellations. Additionally, morning huddles can help strategize on meeting daily goals, considering any same-day inclusions. To motivate the team, consider introducing an end-of-the-year bonus if the practice meets its revenue objectives. Finally, kick off end-of-the-year patient communication campaigns, reminding them of available appointments and incentives.

The end of the year is always a flurry of activity, but with the right strategies in place, it can also be incredibly fruitful for your dental practice. As always, work smarter not harder. Vyne Trellis Campaigns can help your practice create lists to campaign with three easy steps. Just build your list with simple-to-use filters, write your content, review, and send. That’s it, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Strategies and planning to accelerate revenue before the year ends don’t have to be daunting, lean into systems that are designed just for this. 

Don’t wait for the New Year to make changes; start now and finish 2023 on a high note! 

Schedule a time to speak with a Vyne Dental Practice Revenue Advisor today to see how our solutions can cut the amount of time you spend pulling lists and accelerate revenue back into your practice.

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Navigating Data Integrity in your Dental Group with Tom Mort, VP Product Development

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End of Year Campaigns: 3 Ways to Rev Up Practice Revenue in October

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Accelerating Revenue with Mobile Payments

A full-service dental practice leveraging technology to provide comprehensive & streamlined care Dr. Christina Boesch’s dental office in Orlando, Florida aims to offer personalized care and a comfortable, enjoyable dental experience.  With 30+ prestigious awards, including recognition as one of Orlando’s Top Dentists and Fellowship/Mastership from the Academy of General Dentistry, an honor fewer than […]

Grow with Vyne Dental at the 2023 AADOM Annual Conference

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Mastering Revenue Cycle Management: Essential Terminology To Know

What is Revenue Cycle Management?  Revenue cycle management (RCM) is a comprehensive process that involves your dental practice actively monitoring and evaluating the collection of payments and insurance claims throughout a patient’s entire care journey, starting from the moment their appointment is scheduled until the final payment is made. Knowing the many terms that accompany […]