Billing without Boundaries

A solution that simplifies claims processing, attachments, and secure messaging is essential for your practice to run smoothly.

Trusted by over 84,000 successful dental offices nationwide.

Unlimited Electronic Claims and Attachments in One, Seamless Flow

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Process, track, and manage all your claims electronically for one low monthly fee and attach unlimited images and documents electronically to increase your approval rate and accelerate your reimbursements. Save time and get paid faster.

Batch and Real-Time Eligibility Verification and Benefit Breakdown

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Confirm your patients’ insurance plan eligibility and benefit breakdown instantly and automatically, in real time or in batches. Spend less time on the phone with payers, and more time with the patients you serve.

Customizable, Integrated Electronic Patient Forms

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Create fully, customizable forms to collect and insert patients’ information before they arrive, within a secure environment. Speed up your check-in routine and keep your patient information up-to-date.

More Tools to Optimize Your Practice

Online Scheduling

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Secure new patients 24/7 with integrated, fully customizable on-line scheduling.  

Give patients the power to view available openings in real-time and schedule an appointment in a time slot that’s both optimal for them and fully controlled by you.

Integrate directly to your practice management system’s appointment bookCustomize the slots you “open” for self-appointmentCapture new patient bookings without the phone ringingBe as rigid or as fluid as you want with appointment durations, provider availability and procedure types allowed


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Segment your patient population based on procedures needed, insurance coverage, last treatment date, and more. Send customized texts or emails to patients and keep your schedule full.

Streamline appointment scheduling by automating outreach while utilizing patient data such as existing treatment plans, hygiene recall, and other custom filters.

Live Webchat

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With real people trained to answer questions specific to your practice, you can qualify patients and collect important information needed to book an appointment.

Connect with patients 24/7 and capitalize on every opportunity by equipping your website with our Live Webchat feature. Live Webchat can provide answers to patients and allow them to schedule appointments on their time and not just during your office hours.

Vyne Trellis® is an end-to-end revenue acceleration platform for your practice that streamlines claims submission and tracking, provides batch and real-time eligibility of benefits, and provides a secure environment for your communications.

Patient Engagement

Your dental practice can now create a unique integration between your revenue cycle and patient engagement workflows. Exceed patient expectations by sending forms before a visit, collect consent digitally, and greatly reduce the burden of paper from your office. 


Take back control of your claims processing, and accelerate your dental revenue. 84,000+ practices trust Vyne Dental to enhance insurance billing, speed up their reimbursements, and reduce time spent on the phone with payers.


Make it easier for patients to pay you via text or email with online and point of care payments. Meet your patients where they are, and get paid faster.

Since we implemented the Vyne mobile payment feature, our collections have increased tremendously! It’s efficient and a great addition to our monthly billing routine. We love the ease of use and we are not regretting the decision to go with the Vyne mobile payment feature. It really is worth the hype!

dr. jiten patel circle

Dr. Jiten Patel

Family Dentistry of Milford

Practice Tools

Designed to streamline tasks in a busy dental office. Equipping your team with these tools makes delivering dentistry easy. Easily message securely and instantly from any device with patient updates and handoff checklists allowing you to have all necessary information, creating better case acceptance and patient experiences.

Seamlessly Integrated, Elegantly Simple, Dental Plans for Enhanced Patient Care

All from the convenience of the trusted Vyne Trellis® platform.

FastAttach® can help you get paid faster.

Send as many digital attachments as you’d like for a flat subscription fee with FastAttach®.

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Minimal training required24/7 online access to your imagesEnables image sharing with other   providersWorks well for solo offices, multiple     locations, multi-specialty clinics and moreUnlimited customer service and supportOnline chat support tool
"I've worked in dental claim submission for over 10 years, and this platform has no doubt been the easiest and most user friendly to work with."
Katie Billings
Reed Family Dentistry

Let's Connect

The Vyne Trellis® platform was designed for users just like you. Connect with a Practice Revenue Advisor today to see how this suite of solutions was built to accelerate revenue back into your practice.

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Vyne makes my job easy. It helps me send out claims. I instantly know if there is a mistake and claims are send accurately.
A Z Dentistry
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Vyne is a one stop shop for claims processing, forms, and patient communication. It is more affordable than going with your software company.
Hale Family Dentistry
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“Vyne Trellis helps give immediate results. We don’t have a street address? It is going to kick it back.”
New England Dental Partners
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“Since we implemented the Vyne mobile payment feature, our collections have increased tremendously! It's efficient and a great addition to our monthly billing routine. We love the ease of use and we are not regretting the decision to go with the Vyne mobile payment feature. It really is worth the hype!
Dr. Jiten Patel
Family Dentistry of Milford
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“One of my favorite features is your forms – I can see their text, or email the new patient forms. Then, they come back and they go right into smart back and they load. That to me is just, hands down number one, my favorite feature!”
Darcie Loomis
Office Manager, Oleksa Dental Care
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We have used Vyne Dental for over a decade and the services are user friendly and priced correctly. I would not be able to get my daily work done without this electronic claim system.
Thank you Vyne!
Sandra Forero
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We have changed to Vyne Trellis and have been very pleased. The payment portal has been a valuable tool in collections. It is very user friendly and does a great job of reminding the patient of a balance due if they only pay a portion.
Chesson Dental
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“My office started using Vyne Mobile Payments at the beginning of the year and its has been a game changer. I personally love it! Customer service also has always been amazing if I had any questions.”
Brittany Mathes
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See how the Vyne Trellis® platform creates a streamlined workflow–making processes much simpler while generating additional time.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ.

Vyne Trellis is a standalone comprehensive insurance billing platform offering claim and attachment integrations, eligibility verification, and ERAs, all for one monthly unlimited service fee**.

**Taxes, set-up and incidental fees may apply.

Schedule a consultation to learn more about the features of Vyne Trellis and start submitting claims, attachments, and checking eligibility as soon as today!

Vyne Trellis includes these services for an unlimited rate:

  • Unlimited claims and attachments.
  • ERAs (*provider must enroll to receive ERAs).
  • Claim research and denial support.
  • Real-time eligibility.

Vyne Dental has a comprehensive list of electronic attachment connections to dental insurance carriers, with over 800 connections for attachments!

The Vyne Trellis dashboard flags claims with missing or invalid information and supporting documentation requirements before they’re processed to insurance, allowing you to avoid claim rejections before they even occur.

Secure Email FAQs

No.  As a valued secure email customer, your office will be billed at your current rate.

Yes. Secure email is an easy and encrypted email solution for health care providers.

No.  Similar to your current setup, your colleagues and partners will be able to securely communicate with your office at no cost to them.

The secure email feature provides easy, secure email along with a patient portal, digital case referral collaboration, cloud storage and more!