Streamlining Eligibility Verification: Introducing Automated Text-to-Verify in Vyne Trellis

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, efficiency and accuracy are imperative. That’s why we’re excited to unveil a game-changing feature within the Vyne Trellis platform: Automated Text-to-Verify. This innovative addition is set to revolutionize the eligibility verification process, making it more seamless and hassle-free than ever before.

Introducing Automated Text-to-Verify

We are thrilled to introduce two new features that promise to streamline your eligibility verification process:

Customizable Time Frames for Automated Eligibility Checks: Now, you have the power to manage settings and customize the time frame for automated eligibility checks. This means you can ensure that the verification process aligns perfectly with your workflow, improving the overall efficiency of your operations.

Automated Patient Update Form for Inactive Coverage: When inactive coverage is detected, you now have the option to automate the process that sends your patient a form to update their insurance and we will automatically re-verify eligibility with their updated insurance information. This can be done through either text, email, or both, providing you with the flexibility to communicate in the way that best suits your patients.

Embrace Efficiency, Elevate Patient Care

With the introduction of Automated Text-to-Verify, Vyne Trellis is taking a giant step toward enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of eligibility verification. By giving you the power to customize settings and automate communication, you can redirect valuable time and resources toward delivering exceptional patient care.

Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming eligibility checks and welcome a new era of streamlined, automated processes. Embrace the future of healthcare administration with Vyne Trellis. Learn more by scheduling a demo today.