Vyne Dental’s Support Team Awarded with Quality Service Award for 84th Consecutive Month!

LiveHelpNow Challenge Winner for Jul 2021

How do you achieve a customer service excellence award every month since 2014 from one of the nation’s most recognized authorities on the subject? According to Anthony Hess, vice president of service and support at Vyne Dental, you require excellence of your service and support team and always place the customer at the heart of every decision made. 

LiveHelpNow, a solution provider that enables meaningful customer service interactions between companies of all sizes and their clients, named Vyne Dental one of the best companies for providing the highest quality customer service through 2020. 

Vyne Dental utilizes LiveHelpNow’s chat technology to interact with and to serve and support clients. Because of its expertise in helping brands connect with customers, it has an eagle-eye view of organizations around the globe and how they provide service and support. The best service-focused companies worldwide receive monthly and annual awards from LiveHelpNow when they provide superior service. 

While Vyne Dental has received the monthly award at least 84 consecutive times, in 2020, it achieved a new level of success. Vyne Dental received the award for the best chat-based service provided throughout the (tumultuous) year. 

What’s the secret sauce to offering up award-winning customer support and service? Per Hess, Vyne Dental’s support team is “customer-focused — every decision, everything we do is based on the customer experience. We engage and are attentive, there are no long periods of waiting on chat, and we respond within a few seconds of each customer’s response.”

It’s hard not to develop a winning environment when the organization takes meaningful steps to help ensure clients win. But does that mean the customer is always right? Certainly not, but award-winning support and service are about creating and nurturing a partnership with every Vyne Dental client to achieve the best possible outcomes for the customer at every turn.

Those results show through to observers, like LiveHelpNow, Hess says. Of at least 10,000 organizations analyzed, Vyne Dental was among just a handful to receive the annual award in LiveHelpNow’s 11 to 25 agent category. 


More chat-based service and support options coming soon

Vyne Dental has employed chat capabilities to serve and support customers since 2013. When it first rolled out, Hess said his team received only a few chat requests per month. That number has since grown to more than 500 service and support-related chats per month. Four Vyne Dental support agents are assigned to manage chat questions throughout their shifts, and each can manage four customer chats consecutively. If those chat reps are overwhelmed, another is assigned to the queue immediately to respond to the need.

 Vyne Dental’s chat support has, to this point, only been used for support and service (mostly technical questions). Still, Hess says chat support is being added to all Vyne Dental products. Hence, customers encounter even less friction when they need help (accessible through a clickable button on every screen within a Vyne Dental product). A simple click on the chat link and live human-based support are enabled. 

Vyne Dental also has plans to enable customers to contact it with sales- and product-related questions from its corporate site, something not previously possible. Each of these steps means customers will have more ways to reach support and sales to get their questions answered and receive the level of service they want. 

As the level of chat-based conversations increases, the support team is finding additional ways to automate its responses by developing a knowledge base that service reps can use to respond to the same types of calls (for example, password resets) in the same manner every time. 


Phone calls are still crucial for connecting with customers

Even though chat is emerging as a valuable and efficient way to connect with customers, phone calls and phone-based support still have an essential place in Vyne Dental’s customer service plans, Hess says. 

“We can also support customers through phone calls even after they started the conversation through chat if needed,” he says. “We take whatever action is needed to support our customers; however, they need to be supported in the way that best meets their needs. So while we’re increasing our chat capabilities, our phone-based approach isn’t going anywhere. That’s still a vital option to helping our customers, and it will remain an important way to reach those that we serve.” 


Customer success starts at onboarding

Ultimately, Hess says, customer service is not a passive activity, nor is it something that should fall on customers to secure. Instead, quality customer service and support start at the beginning of the customer-vendor relationship — during client onboarding. 

The better the onboarding, the better the ongoing relationship. If product support, technical assistance, and training at the beginning of the relationship are poor, expect many calls from that customer throughout their relationship with your company, Hess says. Quality support doesn’t start or end there. 

Quality service, as recognized by the likes of LiveHelpNow, is baked into an organization. It’s an active effort, built day after day. Providing quality service and support requires a culture built on the innate ability of those on the service teams to love helping others, quality training of the people on the team, and their being insistent on rising to the challenge of the customer to procure the best possible outcome. 

The less friction for the customer, the better, Hess says. 

Every decision has the customer at its center. 

“We have a passion for helping people,” he says. “For example, my mom is 72 and would not understand our software, but she has expertise in working claims. Because she doesn’t understand our software doesn’t mean we can speak down to her because she has a different understanding of something we have. She knows claims better than we do, too. If you love helping people, that’s going to help you with your service-based culture. For those who really want to help the customer, good things typically fall into place.”

According to LiveHelpNow, that’s a whole lot of quality service and support that have fallen in place for 84 consecutive months.


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