Remote Solutions for Your Dental Practice

Three tools to help you work remotely with ease.

As healthcare professionals, it’s important to continuously look for new ways to work and communicate with your team and patients. To do this, you need to find the right tools to uniquely empower your practice.

We have the solutions to help. These tools offer a convenient way to work remotely, help your practice avoid the disruption, and continue to focus on what’s important, your patients.

Remote Lite

With the Remote Lite tool, you’ll be able to send claims remotely from the comfort of your home.

Remote Lite works with your current practice management software, allowing you to work with your current setup.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Batch your claims using your practice management software.
  2. Send your claims to Remote Lite.
  3. Make any corrections to your claim and add your attachments.
  4. Send your claims and track their status in real-time.

Our expert support team is here to help you along the way, offer training, and help you set up Remote Lite on your computer.


Our Fast Attach® software allows your practice to electronically submit claim attachments with ease. Your practice will be able to upload images like x-rays, perio charts, EOBs, and other necessary documentation.

Fast Attach is an end-to-end service, streamlining your practice’s healthcare data within a private forum. In addition, our Fast Kapture® feature does not store images in your device gallery or SIM card, helping to eliminate the risk of compromised Protected Health Information (PHI).

You don’t need fancy office equipment to use this tool. You can upload images seamlessly from your phone using our Fast Kapture app.

By using these tools, submitting attachments becomes an effortless process while assisting your practice to meet key healthcare regulations and requirements.

Vyne Connect

Vyne Connect allows you to email your patients through an encrypted email service and is easy to use for your practice and your patients.

For dental practices, Vyne Connect offers an “add-in” feature, allowing messages to work in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook.

Unlike other email encryption services, patients don’t have to go through the hassle of registering an account to view the encrypted messages sent by your practice. For added security, our encryption service also allows you to decide the specifications on how they verify their identity.

Finding new tools that enable you to seamlessly transition from your dental practice to working remotely when needed is beneficial. We know that working from home can be rough, but we’re here to help you navigate those struggles.


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