8 Reasons to Consider Email Encryption and Electronic Claims Attachment Solutions

While you likely have a solid understanding of why it’s beneficial to migrate away from manual, paper-based processes in your practice, particularly when it comes to dental claims attachments, have you considered a safe way to implement your day-to-day communications?

Many practices continue to use standard email systems to communicate with others outside of their organization – whether that’s patients, payers, or other providers – or a combination of the three. Seems safe enough, right? With increased risk and sensitivity around safeguarding protected health information (PHI), it might be time to adopt an encrypted email service to compliment your electronic claims attachment service – or understand the reasons why both solutions make sense for today’s dental practice.

  1. Communicate with confidence – With email encryption and electronic claims attachment working for you, your end-to-end communications are more secure and trackable all the way through the information sharing and claims attachment process. Plus, there’s no guessing on what can and cannot be sent, from treatment plans to billing information.
  2. Increased efficiency – By moving away from manual, paper-based processes for dental claim attachments and supporting documentation to more secure, electronic solutions, your staff can increase efficiency and focus on other tasks and patient care.
  3. Less paper – This is an obvious one – but printing and chasing paper documentation is not only time consuming, but it also opens you up to human error, lost or unreceived communications, additional paperwork, issues with faulty or lagging mail service, and more. Why not let technology work for you to streamline the exchange process and eliminate wasted resources?
  4. Minimal disruption – The ideal kind of email encryption solution lets you continue to use your existing email address and email platform. It’s easy for your practice to get up and running with email encryption and electronic claims attachment solutions, especially when considering all the benefits.
  5. Potential cost savings – Finding a technology provider that offers both an electronic claims attachment and email encryption service can provide savings to your dental practice. As a bonus: one provider means better customer support and less phone or web inquiries to make.
  6. Risk reduction – Email is a quick way to send information, but standard email programs are not secure and do not encrypt information. An email encryption service allows PHI or any other necessary information to be sent to parties outside your organization safely. With increased scrutiny on claims attachments and PHI, why risk thousands of dollars when there are solutions in the marketplace?
  7. Receive payment faster – With electronic transmission and retrieval of requested records, you can receive documentation and images in minutes versus days when using manual methods, resulting in an increased revenue cycle. Many practices that are using technology to support their communications and claim attachments get paid within two weeks or less.
  8. Simplicity for recipients – Patients, payers, and other providers can easily view, download, and reply to emails sent with an encrypted email solution and at no added cost to them. Payers are comfortable with and prefer encrypted electronic communications and claims attachments.