In Sincere Appreciation of the Dental Office Manager

Among the hardest working professionals, the dental office manager stands out

For over a century, Labor Day has been a cherished national holiday, providing a platform to pay tribute to workers and their role in shaping society. Among the hardest working professionals, the dental office manager stands out, tirelessly contributing to the seamless operation of the practice with unwavering dedication and commitment. 

Juggling an array of responsibilities, the dental office manager handles front desk operations, insurance claims, staffing, marketing, scheduling, and other essential tasks, all while prioritizing the delivery of high-quality patient care. 

On this Labor Day, let’s celebrate you and the hard work you’ve put in.  Take some time for yourself and discover how Vyne Trellis can make your job easier.

Discover an end-to-end revenue acceleration platform designed to meet your needs

Vyne Dental recognizes your challenges and has a platform designed to meet your needs. Vyne Trellis, our robust end-to-end revenue acceleration platform, leverages technology to simplify dental office processes, effectively easing the burden of various tasks and streamlining your daily operations. 

For one monthly fee, our comprehensive solution grants you more time and revenue with access to a variety of features that make your job easier, including: 

Unlimited Electronic Claims and Attachments in a Seamless Flow

  • Process, track, and manage your claims electronically to help increase your approval rate and accelerate your reimbursements.

Batch and Real Time Eligibility Verification and Benefit Breakdown

  • Instantly confirm your patients’ insurance plan eligibility and benefit breakdown in real-time or in batches to spend more time with the patients you serve.

Customizable, Integrated Electronic Patient Forms

  • Speed up your check-in routine by creating fully customizable forms to collect and insert patients’ information before they arrive.

Accelerate your practice’s revenue and save your team time with payment solutions designed with your needs in mind

  • Request payments with a simple link sent via text or email, enabling patients to pay effortlessly anytime, anywhere, and on virtually any device.  Mobile payments allow patients to easily settle their balance by completing just three simple fields for a faster and more convenient experience

Explore the potential of simplified operations and accelerated revenue by signing up for a demo today! Visit

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