How a Pediatric Dental Office Uses Modern Solutions to Deliver Exceptional Care


Busy dental office seeks cost-effective workflow automation improvements

Florida’s Clermont Pediatric Dentistry is a trusted dental practice dedicated to providing exceptional care for children’s dental needs.  With a team of compassionate and highly skilled staff members, the practice has been serving 60 – 80 patients daily in the Orlando suburb of Clermont for over 15 years.  James Russo, Business Manager for the practice, plays a vital role in ensuring seamless operations and supporting their two experienced dentists in delivering top-notch dental services.  “We are always looking for ways to automate and improve our workflows,” James shared, “making sure that our claims get processed accurately and efficiently.” 

“Years ago, we used solutions that were bundled with our practice management system, but for a high volume office, those tended to be too expensive because you are paying per claim as opposed to per month, and when you see the volume of patients we see every month, it doesn’t make sense to use that solution,” James explained. 

An ultimate solution for claim and attachment management

The thriving practice began using Vyne Dental’s Trellis® Platform to manage its claims, and the company emerged as the ultimate solution, granting the practice the ability to submit unlimited claims and attachments.  With Vyne Dental charging just one monthly fee, James discovered that other solutions on the market “don’t provide any value like Vyne Dental®’s real-time verification of the claim submission and the ability to check the status of the submission and correct any errors.  We migrated away from other products within our practice management system because Vyne Dental provided a better value.” 

“The cost savings is great,” James shared, “but the product just works.  You submit the claims, and you have confidence that they are going to get processed, so it frees up your mind not to have to worry about the claims.  You know once that batch is submitted and accepted that those claims are going to get processed.  They are going to be adjudicated, and you are definitely going to get an answer.”

Vyne Dental helps teams prioritize delivering exceptional care 

With Vyne Dental’s solutions uniquely crafted to meet the needs of dental billers and practice managers, James has found that “it also frees up your mind to be able to focus on providing good care and good customer service, being the best you can possibly be in a practice.  You can provide a high level of service because you aren’t worrying about the claims.  You aren’t worried about whether or not you are going to get paid for them.”

James also appreciates Vyne Dental’s exceptional customer support team, “The support experiences are always above average.  I don’t get bounced around to a million people.  I talk to one person, they remote in, and do exactly what they need to do.  It is always a quick and easy experience.”

Experience the benefits of upfront insurance verification and revenue acceleration

“We are excited to get on board with the next iteration [features] of the product with Vyne Trellis® to make use of the insurance verification features,” James said. “We believe that everything is better solved if you can verify insurance upfront, so if we can set the expectation that this visit is not going to be covered with insurance because your insurance was terminated two months ago, it is a much better experience.”

Discover our innovative revenue acceleration platform that facilitates intelligent data exchange between the payers, the practice, and their patients, revolutionizing dental billing and payment processing.  Schedule time with our teams today or reach out to  to learn why over 74,000 successful dental offices nationwide trust Vyne Dental.

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