End of Year Campaigns: 3 Ways to Rev Up Practice Revenue in October

As the fall season begins and October rolls around, dental practices have a golden opportunity to boost their revenue and enhance patient care. To shed light on effective strategies, we’ve teamed up with Teresa Duncan, AADOM Lifetime Award Recipient and owner of Odyssey Management, to bring you the top three ways to rev up your practice revenue this October.

From reaching out to parents whose children are back in school to tapping into the popularity of clear aligners, and addressing the needs of patients with missing teeth, these campaigns are designed to bring renewed energy to your practice.


Reconnect with Parents for Outstanding Treatment Plans

Now that the back-to-school season is in full swing, it’s the perfect time to re-engage with parents who were presented with treatment plans over the summer. Many parents may have delayed treatment due to vacation schedules or other commitments. Gently reminding them of their child’s dental needs and any remaining insurance benefits can prompt them to take action.

Teresa suggests that practices can send friendly reminder emails or make courtesy calls to these parents. By showing genuine concern for their child’s oral health and highlighting the advantages of proceeding with treatment, you can make a positive impact on both your patients’ well-being and your practice’s bottom line.

Leverage the Popularity of Clear Aligners

The demand for clear aligner treatments has surged in recent years, driven by their discreet nature and effective results. October presents an excellent opportunity to create a multi-email campaign sequence focusing on the benefits of clear aligners. Highlight how this orthodontic option not only improves smiles but also provides a more comfortable and convenient experience compared to traditional braces.

You can highlight your best before-and-after photos of successful clear aligner cases. Patients are more likely to consider treatment when they can visualize the potential outcome. Through educational emails, social media posts, and even in-office displays, you can tap into this growing trend and attract patients who are seeking a modern approach to orthodontic care.

Address Tooth Replacement Therapy for Patients with Missing Teeth

A significant portion of dental revenue can be generated by addressing the needs of patients with missing teeth who haven’t pursued replacement options. This October, take a proactive approach to reaching out to patients who have had extractions without subsequent implant or removable prosthetic treatments.

“Go through your last year of extractions with no follow-up treatment for implants or removable prosthetics. Those patients need tooth replacement therapy. If you’re feeling unstoppable then go back two years,” Teresa shares. Reach out to these patients with personalized communications that emphasize the importance of tooth replacement for oral health and overall well-being. With targeted emails offering personal consultations, your practice showing genuine concern for their long-term dental health can lead to increased case acceptance and accelerated practice revenue.


October presents a unique opportunity for dental practices to boost their revenue while delivering high-quality care to patients. By reconnecting with parents about outstanding treatment plans, capitalizing on the popularity of clear aligners, and addressing the needs of patients with missing teeth, you can make a substantial impact on your practice’s success.

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