Accelerating Revenue with Mobile Payments

A full-service dental practice leveraging technology to provide comprehensive & streamlined care

Dr. Christina Boesch’s dental office in Orlando, Florida aims to offer personalized care and a comfortable, enjoyable dental experience.  With 30+ prestigious awards, including recognition as one of Orlando’s Top Dentists and Fellowship/Mastership from the Academy of General Dentistry, an honor fewer than 1% of dentists have received, Dr. Boesch’s recognitions are unparalleled.  

“We are a small dental practice and serve a very diverse group of patients,” shared Sunny, a member of Dr. Boesch’s front office team who regularly monitor’s patient insurance and the sending of pre-payment requests for appointments.   “We do all different types of services and consider ourselves a full-service office,” added Mackenzie, another front office team member who primarily focuses on insurance verification, providing a breakdown for new patients and ensuring existing patients are still eligible.  “Dr. Boesch specializes in cosmetic dentistry, which is her passion and niche, but that’s not the only type of patient we see. It is a very diverse population, and we serve all different kinds of patients and work on all different types of dental needs.”  

In the front office of the thriving dental practice, Sunny and Mackenize leverage the cutting-edge technology of the Vyne Trellis platform to provide comprehensive and streamlined care to their patients.

Mobile payments enhance convenience, reduce broken appointments, and streamline processes

“We like to collect payments prior to [a patient’s] appointment just because that reserves the chair with the doctor and cuts down on lost time and people not showing up,” explained Sunny.  “Vyne Dental’s [mobile payment feature] is helpful with that and convenient for the patients because they can just do that on their mobile phone and send up the payment.”  Previously the office would often have patients not show up for their scheduled appointments, but now, “we send them the pre-payment, and they can be more prepared for their appointments.”

“Patients have said that they have their payment information only on their phone,” added Mackenzie, “so it’s made payments a lot more accessible and a lot quicker.   It also helps patients feel a little bit more secure in that they aren’t providing their card number over the phone to us.  I think it gives them peace of mind.”

“In the past, we would have a card on file and that card could be declined for some reason, but now, when we send it to [patients], they have control, so we don’t have the problem where we are getting declined payments,” shared Sunny.

Insurance verification is made easy and efficient with Vyne Trellis 

In addition to utilizing the mobile payment feature, Sunny and Mackenzie have simplified insurance verification for the practice through Vyne Trellis’ automated and batch eligibility feature.  “For verifying eligibility for existing patients, we’ve worked with other companies before to have something that integrates all of our patients for said day into one day to see if they are all active,” Mackenzie explained, “and it hasn’t been as efficient as Vyne Trellis has been.  I appreciate the features and the user-friendliness of the eligibility function as well as the batch checking feature as far as mobile requests go.  That has been really helpful for streamlining time-consuming billing.”

Dr. Boesch’s team discovered that employing Vyne Trellis’ option for texting patients has significantly enhanced communications. “I see more phone calls regarding balances through the text feature because people are always looking at their phones.  It has increased engagement across billing in all regards,” Mackenzie said.  “People ignore their emails,” Sunny added, “but when it is their phone, it draws their attention more quickly.”  

Elevate your dental practice with a robust revenue acceleration platform

In addition to incorporating cutting-edge features that have streamlined operations and enhanced patient care, Dr. Boesch’s team finds Vyne Dental’s customer support has surpassed their expectations.  “We’ve had amazing customer service experiences from [Vyne Dental], and that’s really important to be able to get in touch with someone if we have questions.  I personally appreciate that,” shared Mackenzie.  

Vyne Trellis, our robust revenue acceleration platform, is uniquely crafted to meet the needs of dental billers and practice managers.  

For one monthly fee, our comprehensive solution empowers teams by: 

  • Simplifying your claims and management workflow
  • Automating your verification of eligibility and benefits
  • Aiding to reduce time spent on reimbursements
  • Helping to eliminate unnecessary calls to dental payers 

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