Introducing Vyne Dental Plans

Seamlessly Integrated, Elegantly Simple, Dental Plans for Enhanced Patient Care

Did you know?


people in the US do not have dental insurance


of uninsured people do not go to the dentist

Uninsured patients are


more likely to accept treatment when on a membership plan

Vyne Dental Plans empower providers to diversify their patient base, better serve their uninsured and self-pay patients, and accelerate patient retention and case acceptance while boosting the top-line.

All from the convenience of the trusted Vyne Trellis® platform.

Accessibility Without Boundaries

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Our mission is to ensure access to quality affordable oral healthcare. Vyne Dental Plans further deliver on that mission by providing multiple, cost-effective plans and treatment options for all patients.

Integration with a Purpose

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By integrating a modern, in-house dental membership plan into a full-feature revenue acceleration platform, Vyne Dental has created a one-of-a-kind user experience for dentists and staff who expect simplicity, automation, and profitability, from their technology partners.

Partnership that Produces

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The term “partner” is sadly misused and abused all too often by technology vendors. With Vyne Dental Plans, however, you’ll enjoy an actual partnership as we work with you and your team to tailor marketing, engage new patients, accelerate plan adoption, and boost case acceptance.  Finally, a legitimate win-win-win!

Virtuous Growth

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There are approximately 65 Million people in the US without dental insurance. Of those uninsured, only about 20% go to the dentist. Be part of the solution to this nationwide dilemma, and grow your practice simultaneously, as uninsured patients on a membership plan are 80% more likely to return for cleanings and 50% more likely to accept treatment!   

Licensed and Compliant

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Don’t underestimate the magnitude (or rarity) of this critical component of Vyne Dental Plans. By Vyne Dental securing  TPA (third-party administrator) and DMPO (Discount Medical Program Organization) licensing through Subscribili, you can confidently offer Vyne dental plans to your patients without fear of violating state licensure regulations or regulatory risk.

Something for Everyone

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With a variety of plans to meet all of your patients’ needs, Vyne Dental Plans is your fastest path to practice growth.

Cost-effective plans and treatment options for all patients.


Regular Exam (2x)

X-Rays (1x)

Child Cleaning (2x)1
Adult Cleaning (2x)1
Perio Maintenance (2x)1

Emergency Exam (1x)


Regular Exam (2x)

X-Rays (1x)

Child Cleaning (2x)2
Adult Cleaning (2x)2
Perio Maintenance (2x)2

Emergency Exam (1x)


Regular Exam (2x)

X-Rays (1x)

Child Cleaning (3x)3
Adult Cleaning (3x)3
Perio Maintenance (3x)3

Emergency Exam (1x)

Affordable Dental Care for All: Introducing Our Most Budget-Friendly Discount Plan!

We offer a membership experience unlike that of traditional insurance. Enjoy free emergency exam and X-rays, as well as a 20% to 70% discount on many other dental services. Members receive exclusive perks from day one.

Begin your savings journey with us now! 




Regular Exam

Adult Cleaning

Child Cleaning




Porcelain Crown

3 Surface Cleaning

2 Surface Filling



Endodontics & Perio

Periodontal Maintenance

Scaling and Root Planing

Root Canal

Discounted fees are simple savings based on General Dentist fees. Dental Fees for this program vary by dentist. The price of our plans may vary depending on your location. 

The sample table above is a small selection of common procedures included in Vyne dental Plans.

This fee schedule is only to be used as a guide to determine approximate prices for dental services in the geographic area noted. The discounted fee schedule amount reflects the average fee information currently available on our systems. Individual dentist fee schedules may differ. Vyne dental Plan makes no guarantee as to the accuracy of any particular fee amount. In order to determine the specific rates for a dental provider, you should contact the dental provider directly.

1. Essential Plan subscribers are entitled to 2 Child Prophylaxis (or) 2 Adult Prophylaxis with a copay of $100 (or) 2 Periodontal Maintenance with a copay of $125 each.

2. Advantage Plan subscribers are entitled to 2 Child Prophylaxis (or) 2 Adult Prophylaxis (or) 2 Periodontal Maintenance with a copay of $75 each.

3. Premier Plan subscribers are entitled to 3 Periodontal maintenance (or) 3 Child Prophylaxis (or) 3 Adult Prophylaxis.

The [“Average Fees’1 is determined by using benchmark data from FAIR Health, Inc. FAIR Health data is used under license. Fees may reflect combined fees from several different procedures into one procedure and may not be directly comparable to a specific benchmark in FAIR Health Data. Actual fees charged by your provider may vary for a variety of reasons

Discounted Fees / Price With Plan Fees are listed for visits to a participating general dentist. Members will be charged the Vyne dental provider’s contracted fees.Charges may vary from the sample fee schedule above. Consult with your provider prior to beginning any treatment. Lab fees may be additional.

With a variety of plans to meet all of your patients’ needs, Vyne Dental Plans is your fastest path to accelerated patient hygiene visit recurrence, increased case acceptance, improved patient retention rates, enhanced patient care, and practice growth.

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Still have questions? Check out our FAQ.

  1. They are dental membership plans offered by Vyne Dental. They allow patients to get their preventative care and unlimited discounts on other services for a low annual or monthly cost. 
  2. Providers agree to accept defined reimbursements for hygiene (adult and child prophy and periodontal maintenance) and set their own discount percentages on other treatment categories.Vyne Dental® collects the membership payments from the patients and reimburses providers for hygiene appointments. Providers charge patients directly the discounted prices for all other services.
  3. Vyne Dental® collects the membership payments from the patients and reimburses providers for hygiene appointments. Providers charge patients directly the discounted prices for all other services.

By joining an in-house dental plan offered by Vyne Dental, you can potentially increase your treatment revenue as well as patient volume and loyalty. Additionally, you’ll be joining a nationwide network of providers that accept Vyne Dental Plans.

  1. Discount dental plans provide access to unlimited discounts, whereas comprehensive plans offer both included benefits and access to unlimited discounts. Discount plans are beneficial as complementary options to primary insurance, covering services that are either not included or non-billable. They are also suitable for patients who desire discounts without the need for included services.
  2. A common challenge providers face when offering comprehensive membership plans is the tracking of service utilization. The Vyne Trellis® platform simplifies the management of claims and tracks utilization seamlessly. With Vyne Trellis, there’s no need to worry about collecting monthly premiums, as Vyne Dental handles all the payments. Additionally, the reimbursement for each cleaning visit is higher than what is typically offered by any PPO.
  1. For the patient, no waiting periods and no benefit caps. And because we cut out the insurance companies, these plans can be cheaper for patients while also reimbursing providers more.
  2. For providers, there are some positive similarities – claims are submitted through Vyne Trellis just like you’re used to. But the responses are instantaneous. No waiting to find out if treatment was approved. Vyne Dental tracks all the service utilization, so you don’t need to keep track of how many cleanings a patient has had or what the status of their subscription is when they come in for a visit.
  3. Also, other than the included preventative services, providers set their own fee schedules for everything else. No accepting low insurance rates simply because you have no choice.

No, you have the freedom to participate in the plans that best fit your practice. However, participating in more plans may give you access to a larger member base.

Your dental office will be marketed through dentist searches on our website, on our client partners’ websites, and in printed directories for members who are inquiring.

Yes, we provide a fee schedule for the plan inclusions, which typically offers higher reimbursement rates compared to other PPO plans. Practices can set up the discount percentage and fees schedule for services not covered by the plan. Vyne Trellis allows you to submit an estimate request for potential services to know exactly how much the patient would pay the office and what reimbursements the provider will receive.

You can use the Vyne Trellis platform to receive real-time eligibility details and to submit claims when treatment is complete.

Administrator (TPA) will assist in detailed analysis of claims payments, as they pertain to a patient’s benefits.

In the event of a payment default, Our patient support team will address all payment-related concerns, ensuring that your practice does not need to manage these issues.

  1. The motivation for patients to sign up is that it’s generally cheaper than paying cash for everything.
  2. If your cash paying patients regularly come in on schedule for all the preventative care they need and always get the recommended treatment, then maybe membership plans aren’t for you. 
  3. Chances are, they don’t. 65% of patients without dental insurance say they have skipped dental visits or recommended treatments due to cost.
  4. If you want to drive patient acquisition, retention, and treatment acceptance, offering Vyne Dental Plans can be a great way to improve your business and keep your patients healthier.

See why Vyne Dental is trusted by 74,000+ dental practices nationwide.

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Vyne Dental Plans is NOT INSURANCE. Vyne Dental Plans are only available to customers that have executed a Participating Provider Agreement with Vyne Dental and Subscribili Inc., the Plan(s) Administrator. Plans through Vyne Dental Plans are part of a “Discount Health Program”, “Discount Medical Program”, “Health Discount Plan” or similar term under applicable state law (“Program”) and is an arrangement in which an entity offers individuals access to discounts on medical services in exchange for fees, not including an insurance policy, certificate of coverage or other product that is otherwise regulated by state insurance departments. Vyne Dental is not a Plan Administrator of the Program and is not a Discount Medical Plan Organization/Operator or Third-Party Administrator. Subscribili, as Plan Administrator, designs, develops and administers the Program pursuant to required State License(s) for operating the Plan in those agreed-upon states. Vyne Dental Plans only offered where/when Plan Administrator holds valid state licensure.