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Every day over 70,000 dentists trust Vyne Dental to improve their revenue cycle management. This includes speedier payments, easier claims and attachments, and improved patient engagement systems. Learn how we’ve transformed their practice management with better dental billing.

“Before we switched to Vyne Trellis, the claims process was so much more complex. Having to send paper claims, print out X-rays and images to send to the insurance companies…” Michelle said it was a painstaking, time-consuming process. When searching for ways to make the process simpler, she discovered Vyne Trellis™, the complete revenue cycle management solution for dental practices.

Taking Back Their Time: Roots Dental Studio

Michelle Kramer, Front Desk Manager of Roots Dental Studio in The Woodlands, TX, needed a better billing solution. The administrative burden of creating, submitting, tracking, and updating insurance claims was becoming untenable. She found what she was looking for with Vyne Trellis.

Sending claims with Vyne Trellis is a click of a button. It simplifies the workload because it tells you the attachments that are needed for each procedure code. The insurance companies provide information to Vyne Dental so we don’t make mistakes. The claims are paid faster, the first time.  Read more.

“But most importantly, we love the Vyne Trellis platform! We can train front office dental staff on sending claims and attachments in about 15 minutes, which just goes to show how easy it is.”

High-performing dental practice pairs Vyne Dental’s claims management engine with its practice management software for optimized performance

“We brought Vyne Dental in pretty much out of the box,” said Tiffany Nguyen of their partnership with Vyne Dental.

From the beginning, the Cottage Dental owners saw the need for a powerful claims engine. Now, with Vyne Trellis’ real-time benefit plan eligibility verification, the time the staff spends manually interacting with payers is significantly reduced. Practice billing and claims managers receive confirmation of patient benefits through the Vyne Trellis web-based platform in near real-time. “We’re really glad that we made that decision,” Tiffany Nguyen said.

Vyne Trellis™, the latest intuitive software from Vyne Dental, focuses on helping to reduce antiquated workflows, enabling dental practices to run more efficiently by lowering copious click-arounds by offering dental providers a comprehensive single screen platform — this includes billing, patient communication, claims processing, and more. Vyne Trellis has helped practices nationwide facilitate more than $2.9 billion claims per month. In addition, nearly 7 million claims are processed through Vyne Dental each month through more than 800 payer relationships.  Read more.