High-performing dental practice pairs Vyne Dental’s claims management engine with its practice management software for optimized performance

Dr. Kimberly Nguyen and Tiffany Nguyen, MBA, of Cottage Dental in Fullerton, set out to optimize practice operations in a way that would decrease frustration and help increase productivity while being powerful enough to support an any-sized practice. The Cottage Dental practice owners and creators of Asprodental, chose to partner with Vyne Dental.

Vyne Dental powers Asprodental’s claims engine

“We brought Vyne Dental in pretty much out of the box,” said Tiffany Nguyen of their partnership with Vyne Dental. 

From the beginning, the Cottage Dental owners saw the need for a powerful claims engine. Now, with Vyne Trellis’ real-time benefit plan eligibility verification, the time the staff spends manually interacting with payers is significantly reduced. Practice billing and claims managers receive confirmation of patient benefits through the Vyne Trellis web-based platform in near real-time. “We’re really glad that we made that decision,” Tiffany Nguyen said. 

Vyne Trellis™, the latest intuitive software from Vyne Dental, focuses on helping to reduce antiquated workflows, enabling dental practices to run more efficiently by lowering copious click-arounds by offering dental providers a comprehensive single screen platform — this includes billing, patient communication, claims processing, and more. Vyne Trellis has helped practices nationwide facilitate more than $2.9 billion claims per month. In addition, nearly 7 million claims are processed through Vyne Dental each month through more than 800 payer relationships.  


Vyne Dental solutions perfect for use in any environment

The goal is to ensure that “the full solution suite can be trained on and used in as little as one day,” said Tiffany Nguyen. They’ve spent time testing the solution in mobile clinics, where different people, including a circulating staff of providers, clinicians, managers, and administrative staff, who have never used the solution can get their hands on it, learn it quickly and power the practice while serving patients. Tiffany Nguyen said these fluid mobile clinic environments require nimble products that respond when needed; Asprodental with Vyne Trellis has never had a problem keeping up in these quick-care environments.   

Vyne Trellis provides automatic claim status updates, tool tips, and other features to help users understand rejections and take action to correct claims in the platform from virtually any device, anywhere with Internet access. Additionally, Vyne Trellis’ claim search feature allows a practice to locate a processed claim for up to two years after the claim was processed.


Reducing claim rejections through reporting and pre-planning

Vyne Trellis’ claims management solution helps claims from kicking back, enhancing the usability of most practice management solutions. Additionally, claims managers can pick and choose what they must submit to payers based on reports and feedback from the solution. For example, an X-ray screenshot or image of an explanation of benefits (EOB) may be all that’s required, rather than uploading all documents to support a procedure. “The time savings derived from this process improvement alone is enough to drive a positive return on investment of using Vyne Trellis,” said Tiffany. 

“We, and our [Asprodental] clients, use the solution as intended, and everything is working out exactly as planned,” Tiffany said. “Our partnership has been, and remains, excellent and strong, which is a fantastic benefit to our dental practice clients.” 


Vyne Dental empowers dental practices no matter the engine driving them

Even when used as a standalone solution that’s not connected to a practice management solution, Vyne Trellis is powerful, effective, and designed to serve any sized dental practice’s billing and claims management needs.  

All of these features align closely with the needs at Cottage Dental, the support optimization of their dental practice performance, and enhance their patient’s experience.  To learn more about billing without boundaries or to schedule your personalized demo, visit vynetrellis.com.


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