[Webinar Event] The Anatomy of a Clean Claim in partnership with NADP

[Webinar Event] The Anatomy of a Clean Claim in partnership with NADP


Join us for an insightful webinar, “The Anatomy of a Clean Claim,” presented by Nicole Smith, SVP Payer Solutions of Vyne Dental. In this engaging session, we will delve into the intricacies of an intelligent clearinghouse platform with a focus on leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other technological advancements to unlock the potential an intelligent clearinghouse can have on real time claims processing and real-time claim adjudication.  Register now.

Session Overview

  1. Current State of the Industry:
  • Explore the challenges and opportunities shaping the healthcare landscape.
  • Gain valuable insights into the ever-evolving industry dynamics.
  1. Evolution of the Clearinghouse / History:
  • Trace the historical role of clearinghouses in claims processing.
  • Analyze the profound impact of clearinghouses on the healthcare industry. 
  1. What is a Clean Claim:
  • Identify common claim errors and rejections.
  • Explore the impact of these errors on providers and patients
  • Learn about clean claim enablement through standardization and best practices.
  1. Benefit of Clean Claims:
  • Understand the significance of clean claims in healthcare operations.
  • Learn about the advantages for both providers and payers.
  1. Vyne IX Intelligent Exchange / Intelligent Clearinghouse Platform
  • Understand the goals and success objectives of an intelligent clearinghouse.
  • Discover the benefits, including automation, clinical resource optimization, and fraud detection.
  • Explore industry results and proof of ROI in clearinghouse claim quality and image similarity detection.
  1. Emergence of AI in Dentistry:
  • Discover the transformative role of AI in dentistry.
  • Stay updated on recent developments and emerging trends in AI.
  1. Next Level AI-Powered Real-Time Adjudication:
  • Explore the potential of AI to revolutionize real-time claim adjudication.
  • Discuss future innovations and trends in the healthcare ecosystem.
  • Gain an overview of real-time claim adjudication and its importance.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into the future of healthcare claims processing. Register now to secure your spot in this enlightening webinar!

About the Presenter
Nicole Smith, SVP Payer Solutions, Vyne Dental

Nicole Smith is a senior-level executive with over 20 years of experience in healthcare, specifically focused in payer relations, sales, account management and operations.  Nicole is motivated by technology’s ability to transform healthcare revenue cycle management.  With an inherent drive to have a positive impact on the dental industry, Nicole is excited for the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and other intelligent solutions and is deeply committed to educating the payer community on the benefits these technological advances can have.