Vyne Taking Bold Steps in Green Initiatives

Vyne is taking bold, corporate-wide steps to drive industry and global sustainability. The company’s business units in the medical, dental and insurance payer markets are leveraging robust technology platforms to reduce the consumption of paper and other natural resources while investing in efforts to protect the environment.By digitizing the capture, storage and submission of patient data, Vyne’s technology saves an estimated 170+ million sheets of paper each year. Vyne Medical customers save approximately 90 million pieces of paper annually through the use of digital fax technology. Vyne Dental customers save approximately 80 million pieces of paper each year through electronic claims processing and patient correspondence.Vyne supports healthcare work-from-home initiatives with technology that connects remote employees to the data and functionality they need. This reduces the number of employees commuting to work, helping to lower greenhouse gas emissions and reducing the carbon footprint.“At Vyne, we actively work to create paperless and remote work settings for our employees and clients, and we are committed to continuing to incorporate green initiatives into our business model,” said Vyne CEO Lindy Benton.Vyne’s technology significantly reduces provider paper consumption, eliminating the need to harvest the equivalent of 11,000 trees each year, according to the Sierra Club. In conjunction, Vyne has also launched an initiative to plant thousands of trees across the U.S. in communities where our employees work and where our clients conduct their business.

“Patient care, staff alignment and financial performance will always take center stage for healthcare leaders,” said Benton. “But the collective impact we make on the environment needs to be part of the conversation.” In addition to its efforts with clients, Vyne is engaged in a progressive campaign to reduce the waste of natural resources and increase use of recycled and sustainable materials across its business.

To learn more, visit vynecorp.com/sustainability