Vyne Dental Unveils Image Sync



Indianapolis, IN – Vyne Dental, a leading provider of dental revenue technologies, claims processing, and electronic health information exchange for all-sized dental practices, is excited to announce the launch of Image Sync, a revolutionary addition to the Attachments feature within Vyne Trellis. This enhancement is a direct response to valuable feedback from our users and is aimed at saving time and reducing errors when creating attachments, ultimately streamlining workflows for dental professionals.


This latest innovation delivers seamless integration between supported imaging systems and the Vyne Trellis revenue acceleration platform, allowing users to attach high-quality patient images to claims, and empowering practices to process claims faster, improve reimbursement time, and enhance overall workflow.

Key Features of Image Sync:

  1. Direct Access to Patient Images
    Vyne Trellis users can now access patient images from their supported imaging systems directly within their Trellis attachments. Say goodbye to manual steps like taking screenshots, exporting, importing, uploading, or downloading – just tap to attach right inside your native Trellis workflow.


  1. Patient Specific Images
    Images made available via Image Sync belong exclusively to the patient for whom the attachment is being created. Never waste time searching for the right patient’s images, simply select from that patient’s image library directly within Vyne Trellis.


  1. Seamless Practice Integration
    This feature bridges the gap between the practice’s claims, attachments, and imaging system, creating an integrated and user-friendly platform. Users can easily navigate between processes without switching between disparate systems.


How to Get Started:

To benefit from the innovative Image Sync feature, visit vynedental.com/imagesync. Transform the way you handle patient images and attachments today.


About Vyne Dental:

Vyne Dental is part of the Vyne family of industry-leading information exchange, revenue acceleration and communication solutions for healthcare. Vyne Dental strategically develops solutions, for dental practices, healthcare providers, and insurance plans and payers, that facilitate the secure exchange of health information in a digital, end-to-end revenue accelerator that optimizes cash flow while helping to reduce associative costs. Vyne Dental continues to drive the dental industry forward by innovating intelligent technologies to improve workflow, reduce administrative costs, engage patients, and streamline reimbursements.  Learn more at vynedental.com.