Vyne Dental Partners with Information Capture Solutions Committing to Streamline Payers’ Claims Processing

The partnership brings together two industry leading companies committed to streamlining payers’ claims processing, whether they originate on paper or electronically.


INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Feb. 11, 2022 Vyne Dental®, the leading provider of revenue cycle practice management solutions, and electronic health information exchange for all-sized dental practices and payers, announces that it has partnered with Information Capture Solutions (ICS), a national  leading provider of dental mailroom outsourcing solutions. ICS promotes the reduction of the costs of paper claims management and outsourcing for dental payers. 


Vyne Dental provides one of the leading revenue cycle and claims management solutions, helping facilitate more efficient and effective transactions between dental payers and providers, processing   millions of claims annually.  ICS, meanwhile, currently processes thousands of outsourced paper claims per day for dental payers, including working with some of the largest dental payers in the country. 


ICS has served dental payers since 2010 and has since expanded to help dozens of insurers across the industry. Based in Kentucky, it also serves as an outsourced mailroom environment for new data capture via paper. ICS provides claim form identification, data capture and conversion, business rule verification, claim data exportation and claims process streamlining. 


Vyne Dental has over 20 years as a leader in providing dental software, claims clearinghouse and revenue cycle management solutions. Its solutions are currently employed within dental practices across the U.S., and it’s connected to more than 800 dental plans. By partnering with Vyne Dental, ICS can connect with one of the largest payer networks in the industry. In addition, Vyne Dental’s payer partners can leverage their existing Vyne Dental EDI connection to connect with a full-service claims management outsourcing provider that specializes in managing the collection and conversion of paper claims and supporting documents.


“By partnering with ICS, we’re able to help dental payers reduce or eliminate the challenge of processing insurmountable large amounts of paper and other documents that must otherwise be collated, sorted, and converted before they can enter the claims review cycle,” said Stephen Roberts, president of Vyne Dental. “Our internal clearinghouse processes millions of electronic claims, so with ICS, our payer partners can quickly receive an EDI conversion of paper claims – still quite prevalent in dentistry — eliminate mailroom expenses and substantially reduce overhead related to processing paper claims.”


ICS collates and prepares for processing up to 20,000 claims per day with room to process five times that amount. Despite a push toward electronic-only claims, paper claims continue to persist. Reports indicate as many as 16% of all claims include a paper component.  


“For ICS, the partnership with Vyne Dental is a logical expansion to support clearinghouse services,” said Ray Shears, Vice President of ICS. “We really look to provide solutions to improve the claim submission process for our payers, by providing robust mailroom outsource solutions to fill any gaps in their current paper to EDI operations. 


“By leveraging ICS’ strengths and Vyne Dental’s expertise and clearinghouse power, we can help streamline claims management and implementations for everyone in dental care, from practices to payers,” Roberts said. “With the power of Vyne Dental’s solutions and ICS’ expertise, we’re confident that this partnership will be one filled with service and success to payers and their members.” 


About Information Capture Solutions

Information Capture Solutions, LLC (ICS) is a national  provider of dental claims processing solutions because of its ability to double throughput and halve costs of processing paper claims with automation technology and outsourcing services for dental plans needing to process 500 to 20,000 paper claims per day. ICS increases accuracy to 98% or higher and reduces costs with industry-leading software, including document scanning, OCR, e-forms, workflow automation, and document management software. In addition, for outsourced paper claims processing, ICS offers on-shore quality at near off-shore pricing. ICS also streamlines any paper-based process’s capture and workflow automation, including invoice processing and new employee onboarding. Learn more at: www.infocapsol.com


About Vyne Dental

Vyne Dental is part of the Vyne family, a recognized industry leader in end-to-end information exchange and communication management solutions for healthcare. Vyne Dental helps dental practices manage their revenue cycle, send encrypted communications, and position their practices to thrive. Its solutions are used by more than 74,000 dental practices across the U.S. to streamline claims management and adjudication, determine real-time patient benefits eligibility, submit electronic claims attachments, help eliminate practice’s paper forms, streamline electronic patient communication, and reduce missed appointments through electronic patient reminders. Vyne Dental also partners with more than 800 dental plans and payers for the electronic delivery of claim documentation. 


Vyne Dental continuously strives to advance the dental industry by providing technology that improves workflows, decreases administrative costs, and improves reimbursements for service provided. For more information, visit vynedental.com.


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