Vyne Dental is very pleased to introduce Vijay Malik, Chief Technology Officer for Vyne Dental

Responsible for both product and engineering, Malik will also oversee quality assurance, security and compliance.

Renowned for his considerable engineering skills and his ability to manage teams, Malik hails from the Greater Boston area.  With 29 years of experience as a technologist leading product development teams, Malik intends to build on his competencies to help Vyne Dental improve processes and drive sales with effective messaging.


Malik has spent the last four years working in revenue cycle management for the healthcare industry. He welcomes the disruption the industry is facing. “A lot of revenue recognition is still done by paper, by faxes, statements, letters mailed to homes and insurance carriers. Changing that process is what I enjoy – that’s what I’m here for.”


With oversight of a large and growing team, Malik’s position takes a 360 view: he must plan ahead for the future of development; keep an eye on the present to ensure products are advancing as required; and also stay aware of past performance in order to effectively provide support. “How do you define goals across the company and make sure those goals are distributed across organizations?” he asks. “That is my main task. I enjoy empowering people in that direction.”


Integrating products together is one of Malik’s top skills, another is integrating teams. “I believe people are your core asset, that make or break you.” He was attracted to Vyne Dental both for the technical challenge and for the personnel. “I knew we could be partners, could work towards our common goals. They are very open in a collaborative way.”


Malik will pursue two main initiatives as CTO. The first is improving all aspects of automation. “I want to make sure we are constantly optimizing for our customers to execute the functionality we offer. How can we move the process from 10 steps to seven to two?” His next, equally important priority will be the application of AI to the first steps in the claims adjudication process.


Vance Taylor, Chief Growth Officer of Vyne Dental, is excited to have Malik on board. “With his background and experience developing point solutions and revenue cycle management technology, Vijay will be extremely valuable in our execution of the bold vision we have for disrupting the dental RCM technology space.”


Vyne Dental continuously strives to advance the dental industry by providing technology that improves workflows, decreases administrative costs, and improves reimbursements for service provided. For more information, visit vynedental.com.


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