Vyne Dental is pleased to announce Vyne Trellis’ latest innovation: Automated Forms


“The front office staff wears so many hats,” says Martin Helmbrecht, Product Manager for Vyne Dental. “They’re answering phones, checking in patients, making up treatment plans. Even if sending and receiving the forms only takes two minutes, multiplied by 80 times per day, that’s a lot of time the office staff could be using to do other things.”

Based on feedback from valued customers and focused research, Vyne Dental has developed Automated Forms to (1) effectively decrease time during the check-in process for dental practices, and (2) keep patient information up-to-date by prompting patients to complete all necessary forms electronically, prior to their visit.  

  • Analyzing our own customers, we’ve determined the automated forms feature in Vyne Trellis can save our forms users, on average, over 10 clicks per hour. 
  • Automated Forms solves the problem of manually identifying, collecting, and sending patient information back to the practice management system –  significantly reducing a practice’s cost to serve. 

Vyne Dental will launch Automated Forms on November 17, 2022. Practices with subscriptions that include the Forms and Reminders function will be able to turn on and customize the new feature right away – for no additional charge!

“The exciting thing about this seemingly simple enhancement is that it perfectly aligns with the vision of Vyne Dental as a value innovation business.” Says Vance Taylor, Vyne’s Chief Growth Officer.  “By developing new, intelligent automation around our already excellent, existing electronic forms solution, and making it available to all of our users on relevant subscription tiers, without raising their price, we remain true to our mission of removing cost, in the form of waste, friction, and expense, from the revenue cycle workstream. Our customers’ lives get easier, their costs to serve go down, their patients’ experiences improve, and so on. A win-win-win!”  

Vyne Dental continues to advance the dental industry by providing smart technology to improve workflow, reduce administrative costs, engage patients, and streamline reimbursements.

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