Vyne CEO Joins Rick Garofolo of the ‘Dental Billing, Coding and Insurance Academy’ Facebook Group for Interview

Rick Garofolo, the founder of ‘The Dental Practice Mechanic’ and the ‘Dental Billing, Coding, and Insurance Academy’ Facebook group, is renowned for his expertise in dental billing. With over 20k members in his Facebook group, Rick’s insights are highly valued within the dental community. This week he invited Steve Roberts, Vyne’s Chief Executive Officer, to talk through critical aspects of dental billing following the recent cybersecurity incident, and Vyne Dental’s efforts to help those affected to start sending claims and getting paid as soon as possible.

Electronic Claims: A Modern Necessity

One of the primary topics covered was the importance of utilizing electronic claims submission in today’s environment. Rick and Steve emphasized its role in reducing claim processing delays, enhancing tracking, and reporting capabilities – particularly crucial amidst recent healthcare challenges. Opting for electronic submission reduces the risk of claims being held up in a paper to EDI conversion process on the insurance carrier’s end.  


“The core of what we’re trying to do is to get people paid faster,” says Steve Roberts, Vyne Chief Executive Officer. 


Access the full interview here.


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