The Top Five Ways to Involve the Entire Team in Revenue Cycle Management

A webinar with Dayna Johnson

Tuesday, December 6, 2022, 1pm ET


“Collections is a team sport,” she says, “And I think everyone on the team should be involved.” 

Most dental practices assume collections happen only at the front desk. Dayna Johnson has a different opinion. Dayna, the founder of Novonee, is an expert in creating productive dental practice workflows that increase profitability. On Tuesday, December 6, 2022 at 1 pm ET,  Dayna will present a complimentary webinar, The Top Five Ways to Involve the Entire Team in Revenue Cycle Management, hosted by Vyne Dental.

Collecting on the day of service is paramount. Dayna encourages dental teams to create a communication system where every member knows their current patient’s copay. It’s best for the practice if no patients walk out the door without paying. “Your money is worth more today than it is later,” says Dayna. “If your accounts receivable goes over 60 days, you’ve already lost about 30% of your revenue. Plus, if you don’t collect on the day of service, you have to use additional time and resources to collect later.”

In addition, Dayna will explain how both the clinical and administrative teams are responsible for the documentation required to file claims. “Insurance companies are requesting more and more documentation. Good clinical templates make for better clinical documentation, so claims sail through auto-adjudication and payments aren’t held up.”

A major component of revenue cycle management is communication, and Dayna will give your teams tips to improve communications between practice and patients. “A lot of people get uncomfortable about asking for money: practicing the language and verbal skills ahead of time can lessen that struggle.” Comfort and familiarity make every task easier. “I also want to stress that everyone – whether working in the front office or the back – needs to learn how to work the credit card machine.”

Working together as a team is the best way to streamline your revenue cycle management. “Our practices have to be profitable,” says Dayna. “If they’re not, nobody wins. So we should all be on the same page, fighting together as a team.”

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