The 3 Areas Office Managers
Must Master

Dr. Scott Leune is the Founder and CEO of Breakaway Seminars, whose Office Manager Mastery seminars have taught dental office managers effective habits for success. Vyne Dental, featuring  Dr Scott Leune, presents a webinar outlining the three major areas a dental office manager should master and the keys with which to do so.

Dental office managers are responsible for the smooth running of a dental practice. They’re the stage managers of the dental world: coordinating many people and moving parts so the whole show can shine. The key, says Dr. Leune, “is to create detailed checklists and schedules for every daily, weekly, and monthly jobs AND a process to audit those routines.”

Through his seminars, Dr. Leune divides an office manager’s responsibilities into three main sections:

  • Practice operations all the actions that drive the enterprise: case acceptance, managing claims, scheduling, etc. 
  • Financial performance managing production and staff expenses, as well as driving revenue. 
  • Team Management hiring, training, and assigning duties to staff. 

Dr. Leune further explains that the way to ensure every team member completes their tasks is for the office manager to create a program of regular and robust audits. “Every task or habit should be incorporated into a routine; then that routine needs to be audited. Quality control is absolutely vital.”

Because Vyne Trellis fulfills necessary functions like revenue cycle management, benefit verification, automated patient communications, secure email*, team chat, and online review management functions, Dr. Leune considers it an important partner for office managers. Vyne Trellis also tracks its many functions on one platform, making it an integral part of the audit process.

“Finally,” says Dr. Leune, “No matter where you are in your career, or the type of practice you work for, you too can learn the secrets to help you build and maintain your practice.”

Join Dr. Leune’s as Vyne Dental presents: The 3 Areas Office Managers Must Master with Dr. Scott Leune webinar on Tuesday April 26th at 1 PM EST to find out how.  Register here.


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