Thank you to our valued customers.

As you may be aware, Change Healthcare was impacted by a cybersecurity incident that impacted claim processing for thousands of dental practices throughout the nation. Vyne Dental was not impacted and we’ve been tirelessly working to restore claim processing for those struggling with standard business operations. 

Providing exceptional service is at the core of everything we do. We realize you may be experiencing delays in support due to the unforeseen market challenges & we thank you for understanding and being patient as we strive to return to normal operating procedures.

What we have done to improve your experience & execute on new volume;

  1. Streamlining our ever-evolving support processes.
  2. Optimizing our onboarding process. 
  3. Increasing capacity with short-term and long-term investments in additional resources. 
  4. Increased digital assets for installation & training access.

Your continued support is a key motivator to our team and we truly appreciate you choosing Vyne Dental as a key partner to your practice.