Strategic Plans for Dental Practice Growth

Optimize a plan to help achieve your goals.

The dental industry is constantly changing. As dental professionals, you need to execute strategic plans for success to stay competitive. Here are a few tips on how to drive patients to your practice.

Innovation Stack

As the dental industry continues to evolve, staying up to date with the latest dental trends is important for your practice to stay relevant.

The dental industry is going through a technological transformation. This is creating expectations for dental providers to provide higher quality patient care in the modern world.

What are the latest trends in the dental industry?

Cloud-based practice management software. This provides better security for confidential patient information, reduces the risk of human error, and can streamline daily administrative tasks and patient communication. Another advantage is that updates can automatically be pushed through the “cloud” which means no more long downloads or big files.

Video content. Tell your story and let your patients feel like they are part of the overall narrative. Videos can be used to market your practice, share your passion, or send a personal message. Create video content like how-to’s, Q&A, demonstrations, and the stories of other patients that have had great experiences with your practice through testimonials. People are more inclined to watch than read.

Teledentistry. Having real-time remote access to important patient information can help you grow your practice in new ways. Finding the right tools that offer a convenient way to work remotely is crucial so you can focus on what’s important – your patients.

Electronic claims processing. Using the right software to help you process your claims quickly, accurately, and with less effort is essential. Paying a flat rate fee for claims is a bonus. On top of that, Remote Lite works with most practice management software, allowing you to work with your existing setup.

Electronic claims attachments. By moving away from manual, paper-based processes you have the opportunity for increased efficiency and increased revenue cycle. The Fast Attach® platform puts an end to all of that manual work helping you start saving time and money.

Email encryption service. Maintaining key healthcare regulations and requirements is critical for your practice. The Vyne Connect™ email feature helps you communicate with confidence. This easy-to-use email encryption service allows your practice to communicate information safely with your patients.

Digital Presence

In today’s market, the consumer can usually find most of their needs by looking online for goods or services. Building a strong website is a key component in attracting business.

What makes a great website?

Functional and well-designed. This could be your patient’s first or only impression. Your site reflects your practice, your services, and most importantly your brand.

User-friendly. Don’t make your patients work for the information. Scheduling appointments online, using a secure patient portal to access their records, opting for text or email reminders are great ways to show your patients how your practice is keeping them in mind.

Optimized for mobile. Everyone is constantly on the move. Your site must work well on any platform whether it is a laptop, cellphone, or tablet. Doing this will improve the experience of your patients.

Make your practice readily accessible. Provide multiple points of contact like your phone number, email, social media channels, and a Google map. Make this information easy to find.

Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) important?

SEO boosts your practice’s reach. SEO is the process of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

One main benefit of investing in SEO is that potential patients can easily find your website when performing a search online. A highly targeted SEO strategy can help you market your services and attract the right demographic for your practice.

What ranking factors should your practice focus on?

Providing quality content . Creating quality content is key to attracting patients and creating interest in your practice. The more patients click on your links, the greater your chances are of getting better rankings on search engines.

User experience (UX). The way a patient navigates, interacts, and uses your website are all part of user experience. This is important because it aims to provide positive experiences that keep patients loyal to your practice.

Social signals . Having a social media presence creates a more engaging and personal connection between your practice and your patients. This leads to increased online visibility and traffic to your website.

Use these strategies to build your brand and create a positive, user-friendly, patient-focused experience. Turn your patients into brand ambassadors so that they can help your practice continuously grow.

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