Spotlight on Alena Williams: From Intern to the Big Four

Alena Williams was a busy student at Florida State University, pursuing a double major in Business Marketing and Business Management. In her final year, she reached out to her alumni association for advice, and was fortunate to be mentored by Lindy Benton, President and CEO of National Electronic Attachment, Inc. dba  Vyne Dental, and a member of the National Alumni Board of FSU. The mentor/mentee relationship they forged led Alena to being offered an internship with the Marketing Department at Vyne Dental. 

The internship, which began in February 2022, encompassed both long-and short-term projects for branding and strategic marketing initiatives. “I like the balance, it really allowed me to learn,” Alena said. Analytical and data-heavy, her internship gave her the chance to improve her entire suite of abilities. “I could put my skills into practice: maintaining and correcting data sets, making visuals from data, scrubbing data – all of that and more.” The mix of ongoing objectives and immediate tasks taught her to manage her time, a valuable and lasting skill.

“My internship allowed me to gain confidence, and learn independence, and what a real-world working environment is like. I learned to trust my instincts and get things done.”

Vyne Dental promotes a work-life balance and in-turn supports the healthcare industry with work-from-home initiatives. Since her position is both part-time and entirely remote, Alena deeply appreciated Vyne Dental’s adaptability during her student days. “Vyne Dental has been very flexible with my schedule, so I could work around my courses and exams.” She also valued the faith the Vyne Dental team placed in her, and the way it taught her to trust her own instincts, and hopes others looking for internships or employment will consider Vyne Dental. The internship provided Alena with invaluable personal and professional development as well as practical employment opportunities. “They’re a great company to help you learn to be confident within yourself, and really encourage you to excel when it comes to working independently.”

“My internship is the reason I got that position.”

Working as an intern for Vyne Dental did more than just help Alena sharpen her skills: it also helped her land her first full-time position. After graduating at the end of April 2022, Alena applied for and has accepted the position as an Associate Analyst in the Regulatory Compliance team at Ernst & Young. She’ll begin her work there in mid-July. “My internship is the reason I got that position.” Her employment at Vyne Dental galvanized her professional development and gave her the confidence to apply. And her participation in brand-building and using data answer determination questions expanded her credentials in a way that allowed her to relate every problem Ernst & Young put to her back to real-world conditions. 

Amy Mendoza Leonor, Senior Director of Marketing at Vyne Dental, recognizes Alena as a valuable member of the team. “We could hand off demanding assignments and know that Alena would complete them. In between, she worked on ongoing large-scale projects that will benefit Vyne Dental in the months to come.” 

When it comes to her future career, Alena hopes to grow and excel within a company, eventually moving into a leadership position. She wants the chance to increase her skills, to build on the foundation she got at Vyne Dental, and also to offer help and guidance to others, to pass on the generosity and direction she herself has received. Her opportunity with Vyne Dental will help her get there. “My internship allowed me to gain confidence, and learn independence, and what a real-world working environment is like. I learned to trust my instincts and get things done.”

Vyne Dental is proud to have been the start of Alena’s career, and wishes her continued success in the future. Her time with the Vyne Dental team is proof enough that her exceptional skills and hard work will take her wherever she wants to go.