Real-Time Eligibility: The Ultimate Tool for Benefit Verification in Seconds

Vyne Dental is excited to announce an auxiliary, game-changing feature to its robust platform, Vyne Trellis™: a real-time eligibility tool via the existing feature of Patient Verification. Real-time eligibility is exactly that – an enhanced portal to receive the eligibility of new and existing patients within seconds of submission. 

Existing users of Vyne Trellis access this new feature automatically via pop-ups within the platform. First-time users of the solution can “take the tour” of the Patient Verification feature to begin their enhanced real-time eligibility journey. Once enabled, the solution walks you through adding patients for verification.  

When using the solution in your practice,  your claims management team can easily enter the patient’s personal information, including their name and DOB along with their provider information and any pertinent insurance plan details they may be associated with.  The solution generates a printable or savable version of the patient’s coverage levels and allowances that claims managers use to ensure appropriate coverage options for each patient and any coverage limitations based on the patient’s plan. This information is available to claims managers in near real time, which can help keep patient flow moving through the practice. 

Once a patient report is generated for a specific patient, that record stays in the database and claims managers can easily search for that person’s record. They will then have access to any past data connected to that individual. To learn more about this feature, schedule your demo at

As a resource, we’ve also put together FAQS on the benefits of real-time eligibility and how such capabilities can benefit your dental practice immediately. 


What is real-time eligibility?

Why does real-time eligibility matter to your practice? Patient Verification is crucial to ensuring the financial success of any practice.  Real-time eligibility reduces the manual time practice employees spend interacting with payers. Without the tool, the current limitations of verifying eligibility can be tedious, time-consuming, and stressful for those responsible for the task. Vyne Trellis and its real-time eligibility tool can alleviate those stressors. 

By and large, real-time eligibility enables practices to streamline a traditionally fragmented and manual process while improving patient service and ultimately, the patient experience. Additionally, practices with access to real-time eligibility are better informed on plan maximums, deductibles, care utilization, and the ability to verify whether specific procedure codes are covered under a patient’s benefit plan.

How does real-time eligibility add revenue to a dental practice?

Real-time eligibility verification helps you access information on the coverage dates of the patient’s policy. Real-time eligibility also can provide comprehensive insurance plan information that highlights patients’ co-pay and deductible information for their plan. 

Real-time eligibility also allows your teams to affirm out-of-pocket estimates and demonstrate any “extras” that the patient may have to cover on their own.

Doing the verification in real-time essentially means that dental practices do not “blindly accept” the data provided by the patient. Real-time eligibility verification also can be conducted even before a patient visits your practice. 

There are several other benefits: 

  • Increasing claims payments: A successful claim submission process begins when the patient walks into your practice, Vyne Trellis helps make this possible with real-time eligibility verification.
  • Better revenue cycles: Fluctuating plans and high patient deductibles make the task of verifying insurance coverage and benefits time-consuming and complicated. Real-time eligibility helps you verify and target your revenues. Vyne Trellis’ real-time eligibility provides reliable verification of a patient’s coverage level with a few simple clicks.
  • Greater overall patient satisfaction: Vyne Trellis’s real-time eligibility verification means you’re able to streamline eligibility decisions and speak with patients on eligibility, coverage, and benefits that can be taken after a quick check with most payers. This is crucial because the amount and type of available eligibility information from payers vary widely.

Electronic eligibility checking helps dental practice leaders and administrative staff in many tangible ways. For example, dental practice personnel now have instant access to a patient’s eligibility. In the past, staff traditionally relied on phone or fax communications — now access this data instantaneously rather than waiting several minutes or hours. In addition, data from carriers is integrated within the EHR system, eliminating the need to work in multiple systems. Real-time eligibility also decreases the denial rate for reimbursement.

Real time eligibility also increases patient satisfaction because accurate coverage information reduces negative billing surprises and creates an audit trail of coverage checking, providing evidence of coverage.

For these reasons, Vyne Trellis’s real-time eligibility feature equalizes revenue cycle management for any dental practice that desires to improve claims management through real-time eligibility, tracking, and monitoring, and unifying claims, attachment, and eligibility requirements.  Vyne Dental is driven by the mission of making your patient eligibility simple and effective to provide a  seamless experience for your practice.  Learn more at