Raising New Patient Flow with Your Phones

When most dental practices want to grow, they usually turn their efforts to increasing their efforts at marketing outreach. According to Dr. Scott Leune, experienced dental educator and Founder and CEO of Breakaway Seminars, there’s a simpler, less expensive way to grow: improving your practice’s phone process.


According to Dr. Leune, “Today, more than 95% of new patient appointments are made through the phone. Not online: by phone. So we can look at your phone system as a gate. Are you letting people in?” Additionally, out of every 100 new patient calls received, the average dental practice ends up booking only 29 appointments. “Practices can literally double their new patient flow overnight if they realize how to change their phone system.”


Dr. Leune sees three keys to upgrading phone processes. The first seems obvious: phone calls must be answered. “If we don’t answer the phone, then no matter how much marketing we do we don’t let people in.” But Dr. Leune recognizes that for a busy dental practice, it’s not always easy. Setting up the phone system to allow missed calls to roll over to a virtual scheduler or call center is a first step. 


The second fundamental is less dependent on technology: the development and communication of patient-friendly office policies. Refusing to treat children, for instance, can cause entire families worth of new patients to take their treatment elsewhere. The potential for lost growth is enormous.


Finally, language and phone manners play a significant role in successfully landing new patients. “If we answer the phone and we have patient-friendly policies but we don’t say the right things, we won’t be able to book new appointments.” Establishing an authentic and welcoming voice is crucial.


On Tuesday Aug 23, 2022,  at 1pm EDT, Vyne Dental will host Dr. Leune will present  an engaging and informative webinar designed to help dental practices upgrade their phone process. “It’s much easier for a practice to improve new patient flow by upgrading phone systems and processes, rather than spending more time, money, and effort on marketing.”


Upgrade your phone process to grow your practice, without investing in time-consuming and expensive marketing campaigns. Join Vyne Dental and Dr. Scott Leune on August 23rd to discover how. Register today.


About Dr. Scott Leune

Dr. Leune helps dental professionals across the country start, run, and improve innovative and prosperous dental practices. A dynamic and sought-after speaker, Dr. Leune has equipped thousands of dental professionals with the tips and tools they need to succeed. For more information, please visit: Breakaway Seminars.


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