Artificial Intelligence to Improve Dental Insurance Claim Processing


NovoDynamics and Vyne Dental Partner to Bring Real-time Dental AI Platform to Both Payers and Providers

August 9, 2022 NovoDynamics, Inc., the proven artificial intelligence (AI) solutions provider, and National Electronic Attachment, Inc. dba Vyne Dental, an industry-leading electronic health information exchange and revenue cycle management solution provider, today announced an agreement to integrate the NovoDynamics® NovoHealth® Dental platform into Vyne Dental’s payer services portfolio. The integration will allow the 800+ dental insurance plans currently served by Vyne Dental to improve efficiency and effectiveness, reduce administrative costs, and optimize claim review workflows by using NovoDynamics AI to automatically analyze dental insurance claims and attachments in real-time.

“This partnership brings together two best-in-class solutions,” said Vyne Dental President, Steve Roberts. “NovoDynamics has an extensive track record of deploying successful AI solutions across world-class enterprises and its NovoHealth Dental solution has already analyzed hundreds of millions of insurance claims and demonstrated impressive ROI for some of our largest customers. By integrating our systems, we’re offering a turnkey solution for payers and providers of all sizes to gain value from leading-edge AI.”

Payers Can Streamline Workflow, Optimize Resources, and Maximize Savings 

NovoHealth Dental automatically pre-checks every claim to help ensure submissions are complete, prior to payer review. It integrates payer-specific plan guidelines so the AI can automatically assess whether all required claim information and documentation is provided, including appropriate radiographs showing the relevant anatomical structures. NovoHealth Dental triggers timely claim quality alerts so dental offices can quickly correct any claim submission errors or omissions. This preemptive claim quality assurance reduces administrative time and effort and alleviates payer-provider friction. With its accurate clinical analysis, disease assessment, and cross-payer error detection capabilities, the integrated offering distinguishes between clean, compliant claims that can be rapidly routed to the payer’s system for approval, versus claims warranting review.

NovoHealth Dental prioritizes review worklists based on payer-defined criteria including costs associated with flagged claims, detection confidence levels, and the availability of professional resources, all of which can be adjusted for optimum efficiency and effectiveness. NovoHealth Dental further enhances efficiency by presenting reviewers with annotated radiographs and associated claim data in a portal designed to expedite decision-making, and reporting can be configured to offer the most effective actionable insights.

“Vyne Dental has partnered with NovoDynamics to bring a first-of-its-kind, intelligent claim review workflow to the dental revenue cycle management ecosystem,” states Vyne Dental’s Chief Growth Officer, Vance Taylor. “By moving automated claim analysis up in the workstream, Vyne Dental is uniquely positioned to leverage AI to benefit both the payer and the dental provider, and exponentially increase the value of this next generation technology across our industry.

Providers Gain Dental AI Access to Help Accelerate Claim Processing and Improve Cash Flow

The integration of NovoHealth Dental into Vyne Dental’s payer services portfolio makes the benefits of the latest dental AI technologies accessible at the point of claim submission, prior to transmitting files to the payer’s system. The integrated platform does not require providers to install any new technology or change how they currently submit claims. By helping dental offices submit accurate, complete claims, and helping payers deliver accurate, consistent clinical review decisions, the Vyne Dental and NovoHealth Dental integration facilitates improved communication, builds trust and goodwill between providers and participating payers, and helps improve the efficiency and effectiveness of both sides of the claim transaction. 

“By using AI to enhance the dental insurance claim submission, review, and adjudication workflow, we’re saving everyone time, effort, and money, and we’re helping to unify the entire dental ecosystem,” said NovoDynamics CEO David Rock. “This innovative partnership leverages the broad reach of Vyne Dental’s payer services to bring the benefits of NovoHealth Dental’s powerful AI and proven ROI to hundreds of payers, tens of thousands of providers, and ultimately millions of patients.”


About NovoDynamics

NovoDynamics provides artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that address critical healthcare challenges, save payers and providers time and money, and help improve the quality of care for patients. The company’s NovoHealth Dental platform analyzes dental insurance claims in real time; delivers consistent, objective clinical assessments; helps deter fraud, waste, and abuse; and accelerates reimbursements. NovoDynamics, an In-Q-Tel portfolio company, has been applying its proven AI expertise and advanced image processing technology to solve complex problems for governments, commercial enterprises, and academic institutions since 2001. For more information, follow NovoDynamics on LinkedIn and Twitter (@NovoDynamics), or visit

About Vyne Dental

Vyne Dental is part of the Vyne family, an industry leader in end-to-end information exchange and communication management solutions for healthcare. Vyne Dental helps dental practices manage their revenue cycle, send encrypted communications, and position their practices to thrive. Its solutions are used by more than 74,000 dental practices across the U.S. to streamline claims management and adjudication, determine patient eligibility and benefits, submit electronic claims attachments, eliminate paper forms, streamline secure electronic patient communication, and reduce missed appointments through electronic patient reminders. Vyne Dental also partners with more than 800 dental plans and payers for the electronic delivery of claim documentation. Vyne Dental continuously strives to advance the dental industry by providing technology that improves workflows, decreases administrative costs, and improves reimbursements for service provided. For more information, visit


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