HIPAA, HiTech, ePHI OMG What a PIA! A security and confidentiality webinar with Dr. Bryan Laskin

Did you find that title hard to read? You’re not alone. The many aspects and regulations of patient information security and confidentiality in healthcare have given rise to many acronyms — so many that they sometimes feel like a nuisance. An added burden dental practices have to complete on top of all their other duties. Unfortunately, there’s a fair amount of confusion in dentistry when it comes to protecting people’s health information. Worse, there’s a lack of compliance, which can lead to some pretty serious consequences and penalties.

Fortunately, Dr. Bryan Laskin, bestselling author and creator of OperaDDS, can help dental offices avoid those consequences. “Compliance can, in fact, be very easy. There are technological tools that will help you not only become more compliant, but more efficient. More productive. And you’ll make everybody’s job easier in the process.”

On Thursday May 26th, Dr. Laskin will present a webinar on patient information confidentiality and security, hosted by Vyne Dental. “I know that most people think of HIPAA training as the most boring hour of their year. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can become more compliant in a way that saves you valuable time and earns you more money.”

The key, says Dr. Laskin, is to leverage technology. For instance, the encrypted secure email* feature offered by Vyne Trellis. Another easy way to be more compliant and efficient with health privacy and security regulations is to take advantage of online patient forms. Not only is the information retrieved and entered more quickly, it can be generated in a safe environment. Then, of course, there’s the insurance claims process, in which sensitive health information has to be electronically attached and sent. “So much of security is about digital communication. Between the practice and patients; between providers of different types of care, between offices and insurance companies.”

Ultimately, Dr. Laskin wants to show that security and confidentiality don’t have to be hard. “It can be very easy. Dental practices often think of compliance as a large effort that’s going to bog down their processes: in fact, the opposite is true. With the right tools, compliance is very simple, and makes you more efficient.”

Register today for this complimentary webinar, happening Thursday May 26, 2022, 12 CST/ 1 EST.


About Dr. Laskin

A visionary and entrepreneur in the field of dental technology, Dr. Laskin is the creator of Upgrade Dental, Digital Nitrous, OperaDDS, co-founder of ToothApps. A member of many of the regulatory bodies designing electronic privacy and security standards, Dr. Laskin is also a consultant and educator, training dental practices on confidentiality and security, as well as helping them enhance their delivery of service. For more information on Dr. Laskin:https://bryanlaskin.com/ 


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*Secure Email is email transmission functionality that requires login credentials for access, is encrypted at rest, allows for email delivery revocation, auto-expiration for access to data, recipient authentication and read receipts. Use of Secure Email does not guarantee additional or absolute security.

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