Give new life to your practice’s financial health

By: Steve Roberts

The claims process can feel a bit uncertain. There’s much to consider – submitting the correct dental codes, ensuring you are providing all the latest requirements, and anticipating how long it might take for the claim to go through and for you to receive payment.

It’s a lot of guesswork and can be very frustrating.

Using manual processes like mail and fax or a system that isn’t highly connected slows the process down, provides little to no visibility into what is happening with the claim, and certainly doesn’t provide any status of when payment will be received.

Now more than ever, there may be increased stress about your practice’s financial health. For such an important process with significant impacts on your practice’s revenue stream, it’s important to get your insurance claims right – the first time.

The good news is there’s a better way to manage this.

Vyne Dental can support you in creating steady revenue with our technology solutions that help ensure faster payment turnaround and more efficient claims processing.
Our product portfolio includes Remote Lite® dental claims, FastAttach® electronic claim attachments, and Vyne Connect™ encrypted email. Here’s a quick overview of what our solutions can do for your practice:

Remote Lite – Our dental claims software works with your practice management system to handle claims submissions and attachments. Remote Lite handles your claims delivery and tracks it throughout the process, with the power of FastAttach for including attachments.

FastAttach – Electronically save and send claim attachments – including x-rays, perio charts, EOBs, narratives, pre-treatment estimates, secondary insurance or any other documentation required by a payer.

Vyne Connect – Communicate via encrypted email with patients, providers, payers, and anyone else your office needs to reach. This solution allows you to share protected health information (PHI) safely and confidently, in a way that standard email cannot.

Let us help you create a reliable revenue cycle. Talk to a Vyne Dental specialist to assess your practice’s claims.

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