Don’t Miss the 2022 CDT Coding Update with Teresa Duncan

2022 is almost upon us, and you know what that means- CDT insurance codes are changing again! That’s right – the codes change every year. If you want to make sure your office stays up-to-date on current best practices in dental insurance coding, you can’t miss the 2022 Dental Coding Update webinar with Teresa Duncan, powered by Vyne Dental!

Back by popular demand, the 2022 Dental Coding update webinar is designed to help your insurance coordinator (and the rest of the team) understand the latest updates to the CDT, as well as recently enacted and upcoming legislation that could impact how your practice processes claims. Here are 5 reasons you can’t afford to miss out. 

Get the scoop on insurance code changes in 2022

Using out-of-date or incorrect codes is a surefire way to get claims denied. In 2022’s coding webinar, Teresa will review all of the CDT changes for the coming year, including: 

  • 16 additions
  • 6 deletions
  • And a variety of revisions.


Also, if your office is still confused about the COVID vaccine codes that were added mid-2021, have no fear. We’ll cover those, too. 

Most of this year’s additions relate to removable prosthetics, screenings, and sleep apnea appliance management. There are also coding changes related to splints and public health-related codes for vaccines.

Stay ahead of relevant legislative trends

Pending legislation is another concern for dental practices. It’s challenging for busy professionals to keep up with proposals as they move through both houses of Congress. That’s why Teresa is tracking legislative trends including network transparency laws, noncovered services laws and potential changes to Medicare and Medicare Advantage.


Teresa says, “Medicare Advantage has proven to be very confusing for insurance coordinators. It’s not always clear what type of plan offices are dealing with, and so I’d like to try to make that a little bit more clear. I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding dental being offered as part of Medicare in general, and I’d like to give some direction about how to best plan for that.”  

Learn how to compensate for staffing shortages

Since so many practices are experiencing staffing shortages, Teresa will also review procedures that can streamline insurance efficiency. She says, “The shortage of trained personnel has really been difficult in 2021. I hope to give some tips on how to mitigate this in 2022.” 

Learn how Vyne Dental can help your practice succeed

Vyne Dental staff will be on hand to give you the latest and greatest information about Vyne Dental, their products and how they can help with insurance claims processing.

Get the whole team on board

This webinar takes a “train the trainer approach”, so your insurance coordinator will come back ready to help the rest of the team with the latest insurance coding knowledge, tips and tricks. 

Plus, once you register for the webinar, you’ll have access to the recorded version of the webinar and the FAQ PDF, so you can review the webinar at any time! 

Save the date (if you haven’t already). This course is in high demand for a reason! Here are the details, we hope to see you there!


What: 2022 Coding Update Webinar with Teresa Duncan

When: January 11, 2022 1:00 PM- 2:00 PM EST 

Register here


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