CAQH CORE Awards 400th Certification

Vyne Dental receives certification for Eligibility and Benefits Operating Rules


WASHINGTON DC (04/19/2022) – CAQH CORE announced today that it has awarded 400 certifications to healthcare organizations that conform to CAQH CORE Operating Rules. In becoming certified, these providers, health plans, government entities, clearinghouses and vendors have demonstrated their commitment to automation, interoperability and efficient business processes. Vyne Dental, a clearinghouse that facilitates the streamlined exchange of data between dental practices, received the 400th certification for the Eligibility and Benefits Operating Rule set. 


“The number of organizations that have applied for and were awarded CAQH CORE certifications demonstrates the industry’s commitment to improving the business of healthcare,” said April Todd, Senior Vice President of CAQH CORE and Explorations. “It also represents an important measure of how automation and interoperability are improving across the healthcare system.”


CAQH CORE awards CORE Certification Seals to entities that create, transmit or use the administrative transactions addressed by the CAQH CORE Operating Rules. CORE Certifications are awarded for IT systems or products that conform with operating rules for a specific business process. CORE Certification is available for providers, health plans, government entities, clearinghouses and product vendors.


The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) conducts audits to determine whether companies are complying with designated standards and operating rules. Becoming CORE certified is one of the best ways to document, test and confirm that an organization is ready for CMS audits.


“Vyne Dental’s solutions enable healthcare systems, dental practices and payers to exchange health information efficiently and within a secure, encrypted environment,” said Nicole Smith, SVP Payer and Partner Services at Vyne Dental. “Being CORE certified communicates to our clients and other stakeholders that we are committed to operating at the highest technical standards in the industry.”


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Industry-led, CAQH CORE was formed to drive the creation and adoption of healthcare operating rules that support standards, accelerate interoperability, and align administrative and clinical activities among providers, payers, and consumers. CAQH CORE Participating Organizations represent more than 75 percent of insured Americans, including plans, providers, vendors, government entities, and standard setting organizations. CAQH CORE Operating Rules and Certification Test Suites addressing eight healthcare business transactions have been issued to date. For more information, visit


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