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Important Update for FastAttach Users

The functionality to send a follow-up attachment without resending the entire claim in Vyne Trellis

Vyne Dental is dedicated to enhancing our solutions to meet the evolving needs of dental billers. We are excited to announce a new functionality in Vyne TrellisⓇ that allows customers to remedy claim rejections by sending attachments without resending the original claim. This addition aims to provide even more value to our end-to-end revenue acceleration platform and ensure an improved experience for our users.

Additionally, you now have the flexibility to submit directly through the payer’s web portal rather than using the clearinghouse to expedite payment for certain situations.

How does it work?

Easily send an attachment without a claim by following these steps:

  1. Login to Vyne Trellis and click on “Attachments”
  2. Click “New Attachment”
  3. Search or Add Patient
  4. Add Image, Edit and Label
  5. Send Attachment
  6. Copy and paste the NEA number to the claim in your practice software or on a payer portal

Committed to simplifying the claims process and delivering exactly what customers need

With this latest Vyne Trellis update, we are excited to encourage our loyal FastAttachⓇ customers to transition to our proven and trusted revenue acceleration platform. Vyne Dental represents a combination of trusted brands, dedicated to simplifying the claims process and providing precisely what our customers want and need. Embracing standalone attachments, our platform aims to deliver even greater value, efficiency, and a seamless experience, reinforcing our commitment to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations. 

Vyne Dental continues to advance the dental industry by providing technology that improves workflow, reduces administrative costs, and accelerates revenue.

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