2023 CDT Coding Update with Teresa Duncan


Each year brings new CDT coding changes: it’s vital to get these right so you can set your practice up for success. When it comes to getting the details right, award-winning insurance expert and educator Teresa Duncan has your back. On Tuesday January 10, 2023 at 1pm ET, Teresa will present her popular annual CDT Coding Update webinar.

Teresa’s first major goal is to spread awareness about the incoming changes. “There are 22 new codes, 14 revisions, and 2 code deletions,” she says. Using obsolete codes will lead to frustrating delays. Teresa will explain the additions, deletions, and revisions in context, so dental billers can see how each fits into the evolving insurance landscape.

But there’s more to the update webinar than the basic numbers. “Some of the biggest changes have to do with guided tissue regeneration, full mouth radiographs, and full mouth debridement. I’ll focus on what those imply for the practice in general.” Both the administrative and clinical staff have obligations to ensure claims are properly submitted, so Teresa will also share best practices to bring the whole team, front-office and back-office, up to speed.

Teresa will touch on the proliferation of Medicare Advantage plans, and what that might mean for your practice. She’ll also explore the current legislative environment, and the implications it might have for insurance in both the short and long term. “It’s important to know what could be coming to a Congress near you,” she says.

With years of experience, Teresa is able to discern larger trends and sift out granular detail. “Carriers are much more specific than they were before,” she explains. “That can be problematic for us, on the administrative side. But when you understand the context, the changes aren’t so frightening. The most important thing is not to freak out.”

The CDT Coding Update is always in high demand. Register today for your chance to attend this complimentary webinar hosted by Vyne Dental, and ensure your practice is on track for 2023 right from the very beginning.

Date: Tuesday January 10, 2023, at 1 pm ET
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