2022 Mid-Year Insurance Check-In with Teresa Duncan

A webinar with Teresa Duncan

Tuesday June 21, 2022, 1pm EDT

Every January, dental insurance expert and educator Teresa Duncan and Vyne Dental give a seminar highlighting insurance code updates, to prepare dental offices for the year ahead. Now it’s time to touch base with Teresa and one another. Find out what’s changed, what’s new, and what’s coming next in an engaging and informative webinar with the best in the business. On Tuesday June 21, 2022 at 12 CDT/1 EDT, Vyne Dental will host Teresa’s 2022 Mid-Year Insurance Check-In to help you discover what’s going on in the industry right now, and prepare for the 2023 plans coming your way. 

“We’ll cover the changes that have happened, any new clauses or unusual alterations,” says Teresa. “Beyond any stories of insurance companies acting up – and yes, there’ve been some of those — I’ll share important metrics that dental offices can use to see if they’re having a successful year. 

Teresa will also deliver a real-talk warning about what to expect from the overall economy, and how it can potentially affect PPO participation decisions. Since PPO patients are often driven by insurance and in search of the lowest fees, dental offices are beginning to feel the squeeze. “If insurance carriers continue to lower reimbursement pricing, offices are left with some difficult decisions.”

That doesn’t mean the outlook is bleak. “The Vyne Trellis(r) platform has tools that can help you keep on top of plan designs by obtaining benefits and eligibility information as patients come in,” Teresa says. “And any document requests that come in? Vyne Trellis can bring those to you more quickly. Filing claims and submitting requests happen much faster.”

Teresa will also cover upcoming changes to Medicare Advantage plans. “It’s a really big topic nowadays. I want to give you the information you need, so you can understand what Medicare Advantage plans mean for your office and prepare for the 2023 Medicare Advantage market. That way you’ll be ready for patient questions about next year.”

Most of all, Teresa wants to help you protect your revenue for next year and beyond. “When you know what’s going on in the insurance industry, you won’t be caught by surprise. Find out how your revenue will be impacted by different plan designs. It’s more than just claims, it’s your whole revenue cycle.”

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About Teresa Duncan

Teresa Duncan is a speaker, educator, and health care administration expert with more than 20 years of experience. Having graduated from Marymount university with an M.S. in Health Care Management, Teresa helps doctors, dentists, and office managers create and maintain solid management systems. Named one of the Top 25 Women in 2015 by Dental Products Report Magazine, she frequently contributes to healthcare management podcasts and publications, and is the author of Moving Your Patients to Yes, a guide to making insurance conversations easy.  For more information on Teresa Duncan, please visit https://odysseymgmt.com/      


About Vyne Dental

Vyne Dental continues to advance the dental industry by providing technology that promotes improved workflow, reduces administration costs, and streamlines reimbursements.


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