Meet Image Sync: Your Smart Tool for Image Attachment Integration

Vyne Dental Partners with Pearl to Accelerate Claims Processing

Our latest, cutting-edge feature delivers seamless integration between supported imaging systems and the Vyne Trellis revenue acceleration platform. This integration streamlines the process of attaching high-quality patient images to claims, empowering practices to process claims faster, improve reimbursement time, and enhance overall workflow.

Direct Imaging System Access

Trellis users can access the imaging system directly within the platform, eliminating the need to switch between applications.

Simplifies the workflow by centralizing all necessary tools in one place.

Real-time Image Availability

Images are tightly integrated with attachment creation, ensuring that they are available precisely when needed during the attachment process.

Reduces the time spent searching for images and enhances overall efficiency.

Improved Attachment Quality and Reimbursement

Direct import of images from the imaging system results in higher quality attachments.

High-quality attachments may lead to improved reimbursement times from payers due to the clarity of supporting documentation.

Faster and Easier Attachment Creation

The integration accelerates attachment creation by minimizing manual steps and providing immediate access to patient images.

Enhances productivity and reduces administrative burden on healthcare staff.

By seamlessly connecting supported imaging systems with the Vyne Trellis attachment platform, our feature revolutionizes attachment workflows for healthcare practices. Direct access to patient images, simplified attachment processes, and enhanced integration lead to improved efficiency, higher-quality attachments, and potentially faster reimbursement times.

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