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Intelligent Exchange

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology to redefine the way insurance payers prioritize and optimize clinical claim reviews by automating high touch manual claim processing workflows.

An Intelligent Choice Uniquely Positioned Between Provider and Payer

This integrated AI service offering to payers includes notifying provider’s staff  of identified correctable errors, allowing the provider to remediate identified errors including:

Missing documentation

Undiagnosable image quality

Duplicate image detected

Incorrect patient

Incorrect dentition/ anatomy

Medical necessity evident

See how pairing our clearinghouse connectivity and proven AI helped to identify millions of dollars in savings for this dental payer.

What is Vyne Intelligent Exchange?

In strict adherence to the payer’s custom rules, Vyne Intelligent Exchange combines its traditional Electronic Data Interchange, its modern REST API, and Artificial Intelligence* powered by NovoDynamics to facilitate the delivery of a clean claim with all of the requisite, legible documentation, helping payers confidently increase auto-adjudication rates, decrease operating expenses, and optimize key cost centers like clinical review.


Vyne Intelligent Exchange utilizes Intelligent clearinghouse level preprocessing to:

Reduce incidents of claims with insufficient documentation and requests for additional information

Proactively identify with each image the sufficient quality and appropriate anatomy, visible tooth numbers, and duplicate or altered images 

Accurately and consistently identify claims that require review or down-coding

Confidently increase auto-adjudication rates

Reduce erroneously paid claims

Optimize clinical review staff with prioritized work queue based on AI confidence and potential savings

What does this mean?

For Providers

Vyne Intelligent Exchange empowers dental staff to preemptively remediate errors made during claim creation.  Providers appreciate the upfront visibility and opportunity to eliminate potential claims processing delays.

For Payers

Vyne Intelligent Exchange claims will be delivered to payers with annotations indicating that the claim has been analyzed using AI and a recommendation to either:

  • Approve the claim as billed or 
  • Flag and prioritize the claim as a potential denial that requires further clinical review

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