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We’re transforming how practices engage with patients by introducing frictionless workflow to all interactions. Automate insurance verifications & claim submissions

IN THE MEDIA: Vyne Dental Acquires Onederful

The Onederful solution set provides dental practices the ability to efficiently verify patients’ insurance coverage levels, determine eligibility and benefit levels and follow up with payer’s real-time statuses through its API.

Most importantly, Onederful solutions will be paired with Vyne Trellis™, a comprehensive, web-based dental billing platform designed to help dental practices improve and manage their revenue cycles and exchange encrypted health information.

Easy Integration

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Built by developers for developers. Our API documentation makes it easy to start and implement


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Verify a patient's eligibility & benefits automatically. Submit claims and follow up seamlessly.


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Our APIs are built on HIPAA compliant cloud software, allowing us to scale as you scale.

Verify insurance & submit claims through Onederful

Request patient eligibility & benefits, submit claims, and follow up with real-time statuses through our API.

Onederful connects to 200+ dental insurance carriers

Case Study

See how our solutions create a stress-free patient experience by connecting the provider and insurance carrier via API connection.

“Onederful’s API allowed us to get a product up and running in less than a month. Patients are 34% more likely to have a successful appointment when we’ve verified their insurance through Onederful.”

Ian M.

Product Manager, Opencare

“Understanding insurance eligibility before a patient arrives at our office is very important. When we don’t get this right, the patient can end up having a negative experience. Onederful’s API has allowed us to increase accuracy, decrease processing times, and as a result, provide a better in-person service experience to our patients.”

Lowell C.

Founder & CEO, Studio Dental

“Onederful has allowed us to give real-time responses on insurance verifications. It is important to us to give our customers the most price transparency & the level of data we get back from the Onederful API allows us to do just that.”

Ariana S.

Head of Strategy & Growth, DNTL Bar

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Meet Vyne Trellis

Vyne Trellis® is an end-to-end revenue acceleration platform for your practice that streamlines claims submission and tracking, provides batch and real-time eligibility of benefits, and provides a secure environment for your communications.