Streamline Claim Adjudication Processes with FastAttach

NEA Powered by Vyne has partnered with eClinicalWorks to provide secure electronic attachment solutions for their dental clients

Introducing FastAttach®

NEA and eClinicalWorks are pleased to offer you the ability to manage your secure dental claim attachment request using the industry’s only 100% electronic claim attachment software – FastAttach. It’s affordable, easy to implement and use and it can help get your claims paid faster!

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FastAttach is a software application that is compatible with the eClinicalWorks dental practice management system as well as most clearinghouses. FastAttach enables providers to create a secure electronic attachment "envelope" that contains all of the documents needed for claim adjudication including: x-rays, perio charts, EOBs and more.

Users can capture requested documentation via a wide range of acquisition methods:

Screen Capture

Scanned Images

Print Capture

File Import

Secure Mobile Device Capture via FastKapture

With 100% electronic connectivity to over 750 dental plans and payers. FastAttach helps speed-up claim adjudication. No longer do practices have to print and mail additional documentaion to payers and there are no more lost attachments! Just think of the time and money that can be saved for your practice.

Benefits of using FastAttach

Save time and money on the submission process

Ensure a timely response to documentation request

Eliminate missing/lost attachments

Securely connect to the payers you work with to resolve claims

Eliminate unnecessary manual data gathering efforts

Reduce follow up request for documentation lost in the mail or distorted by faxing

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