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Patterson Dental and Vyne Dental understand the tremendous impact this has had on you and your patients and want to help simplify your ability to process electronic claims, attachments, eRAs and real-time eligibility checks. To support you through this transition, there is no charge until April 1st. Learn more >

Vyne Trellis® is an end-to-end revenue acceleration platform for your practice that streamlines claims submission and tracking, provides batch and real-time eligibility of benefits, and provides a secure environment for your communications.

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This email will contain your account login credentials and a link to set up your account.

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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Enrollment

Having this filled out early in the process will allow us to expedite your onboarding process and allow payers to begin processing your claims more effectively.


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Vyne Trellis Insurance Training Events

Eaglesoft Version 23 Customers

Connect with our installation team at for Eaglesoft Version 23 assistance.

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Seamless and self-explanatory.
Anna, Office Manager
Matta Family Dentistry
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It was super easy to get started, just follow the instructions and you'll be golden.
True Smiles Dental
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Everything is great - so slick. Vyne gives so much information! We processed all our claims.
Grace Dental
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A solution that simplifies claims processing, attachments, and secure messaging is essential for your practice to run smoothly.

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