Get Started with Vyne Trellis Payments

Get Started Collecting Outstanding Patient Balances!

Make it easier for patients to pay you via text or email with online and point of care payments. Meet your patients where they are, and get paid faster.


Create Your Merchant Account

To start processing payments, set up a merchant account with our partner, Stripe, through our streamlined onboarding process. Your progress is automatically saved, allowing you to complete the form at your convenience.

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Start Sending Payment Requests Via Text or Email

To collect outstanding balances, swiftly send payment requests via text or email. Easily send requests to multiple patients at once or individually to specific patients.

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Set Up Your Terminal to Collect Patient Payments

Get started quickly with your terminal hardware, allowing patients to pay in office at the front-desk, in the chair, or anywhere in-between.

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Sending Transactions to Your Terminal

Easily collect patient payments in-office.

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