Real-Time Direct Data Entry Eligibility

How to Verify Eligibility

1. Select Eligibility tab 

2. Select Add Patient

3. Enter the required information

4. Select Verify

Note: After the patient has been added you may select the patient to run future eligibility.

How to Update Insurance

1. Select Send Insurance Form either from the patient details or the action tab.

2. Select either SMS or Email. 

3. Enter either the phone number or the email address. 

4. Click Send.

5. The status will show as ‘Pending Response’ until the patient completes the requested form.

6. Once completed the status will show as ‘Patient Response’ so you may verify eligibility.

How to Locate Previous Responses

1. Click on the patient’s name to open their details. 

2. Select the history tab. 

3. Click the ‘eye’ icon on the response you want to view.

How to Print Responses

1. Click View Response from the actions column.

2. Click the printer icon at the top of the response.

How to Default Providers

1. Click on the drop-down next to your name and click on My Practice

2. Click Add Provider

3. Enter the provider’s information

4. To default the provider, check the box ‘use as default provider on transactions’.

a) If the provider has already been added, click the ‘default provider’ button in the action column.