Submit your Statements from Eaglesoft

Click here to view Billing Statement Pricing.


Install or Update Vyne Dental Plugin to the most recent version

By connecting Vyne Dental plugin, patient data will automatically flow into Vyne Trellis, eliminating manual entry.

Note: Vyne Dental Plugin is only required for computers sending claims or billing statements.

*Choose Claims and Statements in Installation Options when prompted to opt in for Billing Statements

Installation Video (3 mins)     Installation Guide (PDF)


Configure your Electronic Statements eService Account

1. Click File & Preferences

2. Select the eService Tab and choose Service: Electronic Statements from the Service Dropdown
3. Update the Account Number and Password to ‘Vyne’
4. Click Save


Send your Statements from Eaglesoft

1. Access the Statement Queue through the Statement Wizard or via Activities > Statement Queue

2. Checkmark the Statements you want to send, choose Send Electronically
3. Click Process. Your Billing Statements will then be sent for printing/mailing

For more details on the Statement Wizard, visit the Eaglesoft article.


Open Vyne Trellis and click on Payments in the left sidebar

Click on “Billing Statements” to view all current Statement and Files.

Eaglesoft Billing Statements – 6 mins