When a patient is almost due or past due with no appointment scheduled a notice is sent out to attempt to get the patient on the books. Recall includes all the features of Reminders.

Action Required

In addition to reminder notices, past due notices will also be shown in the action required tab letting your practice know of any action that needs to be taken. Clicking on the Notice name in the What column will direct you to the Patient Chat tab to view the communication between your office and the patient.

Clicking on the Patient’s Name in the Who column will direct you to the patient’s profile.


Future Due/Past Due Appointment Filter

Recall notices will show a status of Unscheduled. You can view the notice that will be sent along with the date and time it will be sent out. If you want to cancel this notice, uncheck the box to the right. 

In the Appointments tab there is an additional filter available for Future Due/Past Due appointments. This will allow you to see which patients will be sent recall notices only.