All the patients within your practice will be listed in this section. View if a patient has enrolled in the patient portal, view appointment information, chats, forms, and update communication preferences.

Edit Patient Information

1. Click on the pencil icon under the actions column. 

2. Choose the appropriate column

  • Base Info
  • Appointments
  • Reminders Messages
  • Team Chat Messages
  • Forms
  • Communication Preferences

Generate a Username

Note: If the gear is shown there is no email on file for the user.

1. Update the profile with the patient’s email within your practice management software. 

2. Once an email is on file a username will be generated.

Send Patient Credentials

1. Click on the 🛈 under the actions column. 

2. Choose which mobile number you would like to send the credentials to. 

3. Click ‘Send Credentials’.

Send Password Reset Link

1. Click on the Reset Password Icon under the actions column. 

2. Confirm the username and click ‘OK’.