Mass SMS & Email

Send an email or text to many patients at the same time.

Sending a Mass Email

1. Click the down arrow to choose a template to use.

2. Select ‘Load’.

3. Click in the subject and content fields to manually update/add any information

  • If you want to save the changes to the template select ‘Save Changes’.
  • You may also create a new template by entering a new template name and select ‘Save Changes As’. 

4. Click the down arrow to choose to whom the email is sent.

  • If the group has not been created, you can choose custom and enter all the names to send to. 

5. Click ‘Send’.

Sending a Mass Text

1. Enter the message you like to send. 

2. Click on the down arrow to choose who to send the message to. 

  • Select ‘Custom’ if the group is not listed or upload a CSV file. 
  • Enter the Patient Names to add them to the listing. 

3. Click ‘Send’.