Filled Forms

This shows all forms that have been completed by patients within the previous 14 days.

Automated Forms

If using Automated Forms with writeback to the PMS the patient will be automatically linked back to the patient within the practice management system.

Non-Automated Forms

If using Non-Automated Forms, the forms will need to be linked back to the practice management system manually. You will see a status of ‘Not Processed’ in the Status column letting you know it has not been completed along with a Send to PMS link under the Actions column.

Linking a Patient to a Filled Form

By linking the patient to a form, the PDF, along with any attachments, will be sent to the patient’s chart in your Practice Management System.

1. Click on the ‘Send to PMS’ button under the Actions column.

2. Enter the patient’s name in the search box. 

3. Locate the correct patient in the search results and select ‘Link to Form’.

Note: If the basic information does not match you will be prompted to review the mismatched information to reconfirm this is the correct patient. 

a) If correct, click the checkbox verifying the confirmation and select ‘Link Patient’. 

b) Select ‘Switch Patient’ if this is not the correct information to select a different patient.


Blank Forms

Automated Forms

If set up, forms may be automatically sent to patients within Reminders.

Manually Sending Forms to Existing Patients

1. Locate the packet or individual form. 

2. Click on the ‘Send Icon.

3. Enter the patient’s name in the search box and select the matching result.

4. Select the template to use and/or enter the message.  

5. Click ‘Send’.

Note: The icon color will indicate if the form has overwrite capability in the PMS. Black forms are editable while green forms are not. Green forms have the ability to be overwritten within your practice management system. All forms when linked to a patient will send to the respective document center

Manually Sending Forms to New Patients

Note: Sending forms to new patients will not add the patient to your PMS.

1. Locate the packet or individual form. 

2. Click on the ‘Send Icon

3. Click ‘New Patient’.

4. Enter the Patient’s first and last name. 

5. Choose text or email. 

6. Enter the phone number or email address. 

7. Select the template to use and/or enter the message.  

8. Click ‘Send’.

Sent Forms

This section gives you a listing of the forms sent to patients along with who sent them. Verify how the form was sent whether by the email listed or the phone number. For automated forms status, see the appointments tab of Reminders.


For patients who complete forms in the office, the Launcher is used. It opens the required form(s) to hand to patients to complete immediately. 

Note: For new patients not yet entered inside your Practice Management System the Launcher will be required for in-office form(s) completion. No login is required.  

1. Select the forms that the patient is required to complete. 

2. Select ‘Begin’ to open the form(s). 

3. Hand the tablet to the patient to complete the form(s).


Just like the Launcher, the Updater allows in-office completion. For existing patients, you can hand them the form(s) to complete in-office electronically. Login by your team is required. 

1. Patients with the day of appointments will automatically be shown. 

  • If the patient is not listed, search for the patient. 

2. Once the patient has been selected, select the form(s) the patient will complete. 

3. Select ‘Begin’. 

4. Hand the tablet to the patient to complete. 

5. Upon completion, the forms updater will automatically log out to secure your account.