The appointments tab shows all sent and to-be-sent messages by appointment date. The default date will be today’s today. 

View the patient’s name, the status of the appointment, and the communication sent or to be sent. Note: Clicking on the patient’s name will take you to the patient’s profile.

Change the Date

1. Click on the calendar icon and select the date you wish to view.


This lists all the notices sent to the patient along with the date and time it was sent or to be sent if it was read, rescheduled, or confirmed. 

  • View the communication sent or to be sent by clicking on the notice. 
  • Future notifications will have a checkbox you can deselect to stop them from being sent.


The icons displayed next to the notice will display whether it was sent via text, email, or phone call.


  • Hover over the clipboard to see what forms were requested if they were completed, and the date of completion.

Responsible Party

If the patient is not the responsible party:

  • The responsible party’s name will be displayed beneath each notice;
  • An alert stating communication is with the responsible party (RP) will be shown.


Anything missing or needing attention to an account may be shown in the Alerts column. 


  • Communication with the RP
  • Missing Email
  • Birthday
  • The appointment does not quality for automated messaging
  • First Appointment
  • SMS Preference Off
  • Invalid SMS Number


A report will display all the SMS/Email notices delivered to patients. There are several filters you can use to display all the information you may need. 

1. Select the date range

2. Enter a patient name, phone number, or email (if searching for a specific patient)

3. Choose which type of notice (if applicable)

4. Choose which method of delivery (if applicable)

5. Download the CSV results

Change the View

The default view is the list view. To change the view click on the filter you would like to see. 

  • Month
  • Week
  • Day
  • List